Display arm (long single arm/)


We can adjust position of liquid crystal display freely and effectively utilize space of desk! Single display arm of 13-27 inches of Dimensions-adaptive long arm types.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    DPA-SL01BK 4549550124096
    6,200 yen (tax-excluded)
    6,820 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          Arm for 13-27 inches of liquid crystal display-adaptive liquid crystal displays

          It is arm for liquid crystal display corresponding to liquid crystal display from 13 inches to 27 inches.

          We set liquid crystal display in the best position

          As we move position of liquid crystal display freely and can adjust, we can set in the best position.

          We effectively utilize space under liquid crystal display

          We effectively utilize space under liquid crystal display and can use over desk widely.

          Single arm type that can set up one

          It is single arm type that can set up one liquid crystal display.

          Wide long arm type of excursion

          It is 5 large axes movable long arm type of excursion.

          H adjustment and fixation are easily possible

          As arm fixed portion is lever-type screw, easily H adjustment can fix.

          Grommet type and both clamp-style correspondence

          As it is grommet type and both clamp-style correspondence, we can choose in total in desk to attach.

          • Clamp type
          • Grommet type

          With cable holder

          With cable holder which can settle cable assembly from liquid crystal display clearly. We use attached hexagon wrench to cable holder for pole and can keep.

          It supports VESA standard conformity display

          It supports liquid crystal display in conformity with VESA standard (75*75mm, 100*100mm).


          Correspondence Dimensions 13-27 inches
          The number of the installation screens 1 screen
          Fixed method Clamp-type/grommet type
          The number of the axes 5 axes
          Gas spring -
          Withstand load 8.0 kg
          Correspondence standard VESA standard (75 X 75/100*100mm)
          Movable range Bread: Left 90 degrees/right 90 degrees, tilt: Upper 45 degrees/lower 45 degrees, rotation: 360 degrees
          Installation possibility top plate thickness 10-88mm
          Dimensions: yakufuku 480 X depth 115 X 580mm in height
          Weight : About 3.0 kg
          Color < Black >
          Set contents Arm X 1, pole X 1, clamp X 1, top plate X 1 for grommet, lower plate X 1 for grommet, cable holder X 1 for pole, cushioning pad X 5, hexagon wrench (5mm) X 1, hexagon wrench (6mm) X 1, M4 screw X 4, M5 screw X 4, Sarah screw X 1, washer X 4, Manual X 1
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.