The easel stands


It is the easel-shaped stands where display is easily put on.

  • EU Rohs order conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
DSE-50 4571319761945
32,000 yen (tax-excluded)
35,200 yen (tax-included)
Build-to-order manufacturing
  • As correspondence may be different from normal products such as deadline or price about order industrial goods, in the case of order, please refer for the details.

Features of product

      • It is the easel-shaped stands where display is easily put on.
      • We can put 40-50 inches of displays on length and breadth.
      • Multi-mounting bracket supports VESA standard and, regardless of maker, can attach display of most models.
      • We are working under caster (two).
      • We are equipped with magnet for fixation so that leg of the stands does not do at the time of storing pitter-patter.
      • Stopper is locked just to straddle the stands and can prevent credit lapse of memory.


      Dimensions 500mm in width X 540mm in depth X 1,040mm in height
      Weight 7.6 kg
      Total withstand load 20 kg
      Others TV installation pace: VESA 200mm - 400mm in width X 200mm - 400mm in height
      Environmental consideration matter EU RoHS order conformity (10 materials)
      • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.