Handmade photobook


Let's play photograph! Let's enjoy! Photograph of memory just becomes collection of one photograph! Handmade photobook which is most suitable for present.

  • Ink-jet is for exclusive use
  • Color correspondence
  • Dye correspondence


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
EDT-SBOOK 4953103210349
One/20 pages 1,300 yen (tax-excluded)
1,430 yen (tax-included)
Under the release

    Features of product

        ● Handmade photobook (super fine paper, duplex printing) which can make memory into collection of one photograph

        It is handmade photobook which can make photograph of memory into collection of one photograph. We design background of cover and photograph in favorite layout and we just print with inkjet printer and are kit which is most suitable though we easily make collection of original photographs only for oneself.

        On photograph paper, we adopt supermarket Fine paper which is available for clear printing with calm texture and realize the refined finish.

        Furthermore, we can pack a lot of memories including trip diary with friend as duplex printing is possible. It is most suitable for present use.

        ● Simple beauty can bind!

        As ring, cover, back cover for binding are bundled with photograph paper, we print on photograph paper and just stop at ring and can easily bind.

        ● It is most suitable for keeping for a long time!

        As cover and back cover are made of plastic, it is most suitable for keeping for a long time.

        ● Dye, color ink correspondence


        ● With test print paper

        As we correspond to both dye ink and color ink, we do not choose type of inkjet printer. Color ink correspondence Dye ink correspondence
        Two pieces of test print papar which is convenient for essay is on.

        ● Label making software "ELECOM easy print" is exhibited

        We are releasing label making software "ELECOM easy print" corresponding to our paper-products on our homepage. Even person who does not have label making software can enjoy the making of label card immediately. In addition, print material which is convenient for label card making is released. Please use.

        Downloading of label making software "ELECOM easy print"
        Downloading of print material


        Paper size 148mm in width X 148mm in height
        One side Dimensions 148mm in width X 148mm in height (for 15 hole rings)
        The number of paper 20 pieces (one X 20 sheet)
        Paper type Super fine paper
        Color: < White >
        Whiteness level 96%
        Paper thickness 0.22mm
        Basis weight 186 g/m2
        Test print paper Two pieces of test print paper
        No. you are looking for Q22
        Set contents Paper X 20, test print paper X 2, ring X 1, cover X 1, back cover X 1
        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.