Handmade strap


Let's play photograph! Let's enjoy! Handmade strap to be able to make easily which can always carry favorite photograph.

  • Ink-jet is for exclusive use
  • Color correspondence
  • Dye correspondence


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EDT-ST2 4953103210295
1,100 yen (tax-excluded)
1,210 yen (tax-included)
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    Features of product

        ● We can always carry favorite photograph! Handmade strap (the corner type type) to be able to easily make

        We print favorite photograph and just fit in frame and are strap which we can easily make. You put photograph of child and pet and make matching strap with friend and can enjoy in various Uses. As we adopt super coated paper on exclusive photograph paper, we can print out high-resolution digital camera photograph neatly, too.

        Please cut paper out of the back side with paper which you printed along perforation.
        We fit photograph which we clipped out in frame part of transparence.
        We close the cap of frame. We fit well to the depths and are completed!

        For more details, please see Manual of attached how to make.
        ≫How to make handmade straps Manual is this

        ● Cut is easy with perforation


        ● We can enjoy illustration and photograph by double sided

        As perforation to frame size enters beforehand, we can easily cut, and fun strap is completed in no time.

        When we put photographs together two pieces to become outward and put, we can enjoy photograph and illustration on both sides.

        ● Dye, color ink correspondence


        ● With test print paper

        As we correspond to both dye ink and color ink, we do not choose type of inkjet printer. Color ink correspondence Dye ink correspondence
        One piece of test print papar which is convenient for essay is on.

        ● Label making software "ELECOM easy print" is exhibited

        We are releasing label making software "ELECOM easy print" corresponding to our paper-products on our homepage. Even person who does not have label making software can enjoy the making of label card immediately. In addition, print material which is convenient for label card making is released. Please use.

        Downloading of label making software "ELECOM easy print"
        Downloading of print material


        Paper size 100mm in width X 148mm in height (postcard Dimensions)
        One side Dimensions 18mm in width X 25mm in height
        The number of paper 12 pieces (12 X 1 sheet)
        Paper type Super coated paper
        Color: < White >
        Duplex printing X
        Whiteness level 97%
        Corner type The corner-maru (R = 0.8mm)
        Cut method Microsewing machine
        Paper thickness 0.245mm
        Basis weight 200 g/m2
        Printable printer type Inkjet printer
        Corresponding ink Dye, color
        Test print paper One piece of test print paper
        No. you are looking for Q24
        Set contents Paper X 1, test print paper X 1, strap (frame + cover) *3 set
        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
        • It will become happier in handmade item! Happy every day! Spring & Summer
        • Printer EPR-LS01W product portal site
        • Easy print 2.0
        • Label Mighty paper information downloading

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