Handmade thank-you tag card (round shape, white)


Handmade kit that house party becomes more fun. Handicraft thank-you tag card which can make good original tag to attach to souvenir and petit gift.

  • Ink-jet is for exclusive use
  • Color correspondence
  • Dye correspondence


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    Features of product

    It is most suitable to attach to souvenir and petit gift

    It is handicraft thank-you tag card which is most suitable to attach to souvenir and petit gift to hand to guest at house party and wedding ceremony.

    It is most suitable for direction of party

    We can make original thank-you tag a lot easily and are most suitable for direction of party.

    Super fine paper which we can print clearly clearly

    It is super fine paper which design and letter can print by vivid color development clearly clearly.

    Duplex printing is possible

    Paper is available for duplex printing.

    Microsewing machine type to be able to easily separate

    Minute perforation enters along tag and can easily separate, and edge after cutting apart is microsewing machine type to be finished neatly.

    Entering cut

    It is with Kirikomi which ribbon and wire tag are easily attached to.

    • It supports free label making software "easy print 2.0"

      Label and card can form the perception tongue neatly if we use easy printing!
      Easy printing is free!

      "ELECOM easy print 2.0" is label making software for exclusive use of ELECOM paper-products to be able to enjoy the making of original label card by simple operation.
      As it is available right now free, even person who does not have label making software can enjoy the making of label card immediately.
      Abundant material and convenient function are full loading. Please inflect for the making of original goods!
      The use of label making software "ELECOM easy print 2.0" from this


    Paper size 210mm in width X 297mm in height (A4 Dimensions)
    One side Dimensions 56mm *56mm
    The number of paper 120 pieces (12 X 10 sheet)
    Paper type Super fine paper (duplex printing correspondence)
    Cut method Microsewing machine
    Paper thickness 0.20mm
    Basis weight 168 g/m2
    Test print paper One piece
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