Stereo headphones "Grand Bass"

EHP-GB100A series EHP-GB100ABK

In itemudoraiba of φ 10mm, we reproduce powerful low tone. Stereo headphones "Grand Bass" which adopts WFC paper and compound vibration board of PU, and realizes powerful juteion.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    EHP-GB100ABK 4953103297302
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    EHP-GB100AGD 4953103297319
    Gold Open price Under the release
    EHP-GB100ARD 4953103297326
    < Red > Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          Stereo headphone mike "Grand Bass" which reproduces powerful low tone

          We adopt gaijikata dynamic driver "ELECOM Torus External Magnet Driver" (itemudoraiba) of φ 10mm and are stereo headphone mike "Grand Bass" reproducing powerful low tone.

          • EHP-GB100ABK
            < Black >

          • EHP-GB100AGD

          • EHP-GB100ARD
            < Red >

          We adopt WFC paper and compound vibration board of PU

          As internal loss adopts WFC paper with the elasticity and compound vibration board of PU highly, reproduces powerful juteion.

          We adopt rigid aluminum

          We restrain unnecessary vibration by to adopt rigid aluminum to the rear housing, occur from driver York and regenerate music signal from vibration board faithfully and realize sharp rich juteion.

          We adopt large neodymium magnet

          By adopting large neodymium magnet by gaijikatajikikairo, go berserk in dynamic and realize low tone which no is good for.

          We adopt lightweight CCAW voice coil

          We improve response of vibration by adopting lightweight CCAW voice coil and realize clear sound quality with wider range.

          We adopt semi-open structure

          We adopt semi-open structure that we made duct for in front and behind driver unit and realize juteion which is overwhelming by smoothening movement of vibration board by duct which optimized ventilation resistance more and good clear sound of omission.

          Ear cap which can regulate mounting location

          We adopt ear cap "that D direction can regulate mounting location and we raise sealing characteristics and improve low tone expression. Gee, by changing the internal and external hardness, chief balances a feeling of fitting with improvement in sound quality.

          Gee, cap is attached

          Ear cap is attached so that a feeling of fitting is available. 4 Dimensions which increased smaller XS Dimensions is attached to general S M, large size.

          Cord of 1.2m that can be connected relaxedly

          Cord adopts cord of 1.2m that can be connected relaxedly and can gather up cord in attached Cord keeper.

          "Earplugs type" to fit well

          Sound insulation characteristics are high and, by "earplugs type" to fit ear well, reduce omission of sound and are available in peace without being influenced by ambient noise.

          ※Product of image is EHP-GB100ARD (red).

          Exclusive porch is attached

          We store headphones, and exclusive porch which is convenient for carrying around is attached.

          L-type plug

          On the body connection side, we adopt L-type plug which we can connect compactly.

          Slider attachment

          Cord has Slider preventing headphones noburatsukiyakaramario at the time of storing.

          We adopt elastomer material

          It is hard to affect cord and adopts elastomer material superior in tolerance.


          Model Semi-opening type, earplugs type
          Driver unit : Dynamic type φ 10mm
          Impedance: 16Ω
          Sound pressure sensitivity: 95dB/mW
          The biggest input 5mW
          Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
          Cord 1.2 m (Y-type)
          Plug φ 3.5mm tripolar mini-plug (L-type)
          Color: < Black >
          Weight : About 8 g (we do not include cord)
          Accessories: Ear cap (XS/S/M/L), Cord keeper, porch, Manual
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.