Headphones (standard) canal type for TV


Even if is far, is favorite volume; audio system "AFFINITY SOUND" for exclusive use of TV offering TV. By earplugs type that can seal up, and is hard to leak sound, do not mind people; headphones of monaural one ear type offering TV.


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    EHP-TV11CM3BK 4549550156479
    1,920 yen (tax-excluded)
    2,112 yen (tax-included)
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          Is favorite volume without minding people; audio system "AFFINITY SOUND" for exclusive use of TV offering TV

          It is audio system "AFFINITY SOUND" for exclusive use of TV offering TV at favorite volume even when doing housework and childcare in the middle of the night without minding people.

          One ear, earplugs type that we can seal up, and sound is hard to leak

          Neighboring sounds can seal by one ear type to be able to hear at the same time, and sound is headphone of earplugs type that is hard to leak. We can hear at favorite volume clearly without minding people in the middle of the night as sound insulation characteristics are high earplugs types.

          Flat high-quality sound that we got of balance

          We adopt φ 10mm dynamic driver and revitalize flat high-quality sound that we got of balance.

          We adopt tender long cord

          We adopt tender long cord which can wire relaxedly in large rooms such as living.

          Unity band is attached

          In nonuse, unity band which we bundle up cord and can store is attached.

          With volume controller

          There is the volume controller which volume control can play at hand without using TV remote control. Convenient cord clip is attached to be attached to breast pocket and clothes and even one ear is hard to come off and is available comfortably.

          Gee, cap is attached

          Ear cap is attached so that a feeling of fitting is available. 4 Dimensions which increased smaller XS Dimensions is attached to general S M, large size.


          Model Airtight, earplugs type
          Driver unit : Dynamic type φ 10mm
          Impedance: 16Ω
          Sound pressure sensitivity: 93dB/mW
          The biggest input 5mW
          Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
          Cord 3m
          Plug φ 3.5mm tripolar mini-plug
          Color: < Black >
          Weight : The headphones body: About 3 g/volume unit: About 5 g (we do not include cord)
          Accessories: Ear cap (XS/S/M/L), cord clip X 1, loop fastener type unity band X 1
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          Others Volume Control function

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