IEEE802.3af-adaptive PoE injector


It is most suitable for PoE Supported Devices setting to place that is hard to secure power supply! PoE injector in conformity with IEEE802.3af standard that we can stably operate in severe environment of factory and server rack neighborhood.

  • EU Rohs order conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
EIB-UG01-PF2 4953103332591
7,600 yen (tax-excluded)
8,360 yen (tax-included)
Under the release

    Features of product

    High speed gigabit correspondence to draw performance of PoE reputation Electric device comfortable in the Network camera and Fixed Wireless Access point

    Ethernet cable ※PoE feeding port supplying depending on this is correspondence for high-speed gigabit communication. The latest wireless communication standard 11ac correspondence "Fixed Wireless Access point" and "full HD" can make use of performance of "4K"-adaptive "Network camera" to the maximum.

    ※Please use 4 vs. category 5e or more UTP/STP cables.

    "EIB-UG01-PF2" is based on IEEE802.3af standard.
    For IEEE802.3af tray electric equipment device, power supply of up to 15.4W is possible.

    Simple connection setting is not necessary and can use PoE tray electric equipment device

    We offer PoE feeding network environment without changing existing Network. At the time of Fixed Wireless Access point and introduction of Network camera that flexible installation is demanded from, it is not necessary to mind place of power receptacle either.

    Introduction image

    Rubber foot which is convenient for support installation by setting method depending on the use environment, screw attachment for wall hangings

    We attach "rubber foot" and "screw for wall hangings" which further enable flexible setting of PoE injector - as standard equipment. Plane setting or wall surface are available for installation depending on the use environment. In addition, installation to metal mask is enabled by using magnet (EHB-EX-MG4) of Sold separately.

    Magnet (separate sale)

    Optional magnet EHB-EX-MG4 for hub By having you attach magnet sold separately, setting to metal surface is enabled, too.
    ※Four magnets are bundled with optional magnet (EHB-EX-MG4), but use two in This product.
    Optional magnet EHB-EX-MG4 for hub is this >>

    In the severe use environment cheap; constant; heat-resistant 50 degrees Celsius correspondence to provide possible motion

    Under the high temperature operation environment such as factory or warehouse cheap; constant; support operating temperature 50 degrees Celsius to provide possible motion. It is available without minding setting environment.
    We clear immunity examination of "IEC61000-4" conformity. We realized high reliability and longer life appropriate for PoE injector - which operation was demanded from for 24 hours.

    We further guarantee by user's registration for three years of extension guarantee relief for two years (sendobakku maintenance)

    We guarantee for three years of relief for term of a guarantee (sendobakku maintenance).
    Furthermore, we do extension guarantee (five years in total) of two years only in customer who had you register.

    ※ELECOM support & service company (ESSC) performs about extension guarantee offer for two years by user's registration.

    We cope with maintenance service to support use of long-term apparatus

    bnr_support_repair We prepare for delivery maintenance (last soup stock) and sendobakku maintenance (extension) with option to be able to use apparatus in peace in the long term.
    You have a choice depending on needs of customer.

    About maintenance service, it is this in detail

    Delivery maintenance (optional service)

    We send substitute plane to designated place of customer at the time of obstacle. Please send back apparatus with malfunction to us after the exchange in customers.

    sendobakku extension maintenance (optional service)

    Extension service of standard free term of a guarantee (three years). We have you send inoperative apparatus and send repair completion article or substitute plane to customer-designated place.


    Connection method: 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
    Number of ports 2 port (Data/Data+PoE)
    Conformity cable 4 vs. category 5e or more UTP/STP cables
    PoE Specifications IEEE802.3af conformity
    The number of the PoE-adaptive ports 1 port
    The PoE's greatest supply capability 15.4W
    Input Voltage AC100 - 240V ±10% 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption (rating) Up to 18.2W
    Dimensions (fuku X D X H) About 154.0* about 73.1* about 36.0mm (only as for the body)
    Weight : About 410 g
    Housing materials (color) Metal (Black)
    Best Operational Environment Temperature: 0 degrees Celsius - 50 degrees Celsius humidity: 10% - 90% (but thing without dew condensation)
    Storage environmental condition Temperature: -20 degrees Celsius - 70 degrees Celsius humidity: 5% - 90% (but thing without dew condensation)
    Hole for wall hangings Available
    Setting method Horizontal setting, wall hangings, magnet (use of EHB-EX-MG4)
    Term of a guarantee Three years
    Laws and ordinances correspondence EU RoHS order conformity (10 materials)
    Compliant standard: VCCI ClassB
    Accessories: Exclusive AC power cable (3 pins, about 1.8m): One, 3 pin -2 pin conversion adapters: One, prevention of AC cable omission band: One, rubber foot: To have you use for four, screw, security for wall hangings: One piece, quick setup guide: One piece, serial number Sticker: Two pieces

    ※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.

    Each part name

    • ① Data port
    • ② PoE/Data port
    • ③ Status LED
    • ④ Power supply connector
    • ⑤ Prevention of AC cable omission band installation hole