External hard disk for Hikari TV recording


Attaching externally hard disk for "Hikari TV" which coped with not only hi-vision broadcast but also recording of 4K broadcast in correspondence with recording of video distribution service "Hikari TV" of NTT purara company recording.

  • EU Rohs order conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
ELD-ERH020UWH 4953103293854
2TB Open price Under the release
ELD-ERH040UWH 4953103293861
4TB Open price Under the release

    Features of product

        Hard disk for light TV

        Hikari TV 4K service recording recommendation attaching externally hard disk

        It is attaching externally hard disk for "Hikari TV" of NTT purara company recommendation corresponding to recording of video distribution service "Hikari TV" of NTT purara company recording. We can easily enjoy recording just to shine, and to be connected to TV tuner.

        With video distribution service Hikari TV

        Video distribution service that NTT Plala Inc. provides
        We can enjoy program broadcast, video, music by specialized channel, various entertainment including book at every terminal including TV smartphone tablet, PC.

        ▼Shine, and TV service has a lot; (shine, and TV homepage opens with the other window.)

        We bundle "simple connection guide"

        It is attached in setup guides whom anyone can easily set if we set along illustration. ※We shine and are Manual for exclusive use of TV tuner.

        It supports support for 365 days of relief

        ELECOM synthesis information center glitters and bundles support dial label of TV customer center.

        We shine and support TV4K broadcast recording

        We shine and, as well as normal hi-vision broadcast, cope with picture recording of TV4K broadcast service.

        Is connected to USB3.0-adaptive TV; and more usefully

        You can use more convenient functions such as recording at 2 program same time if connected to TV for USB3.0.

        ※The in detail correspondence right or wrong of function depends on Specifications of TV side.

        Corresponding Hikari TV tuner

        [Hikari TV-adaptive tuner model number]

        ※Please confirm your Hikari TV-adaptive tuner.

        ※Photograph is ST-3400.

        Connection method of This product and tuner

        This product is available for picture recording use when connected to tuner.

        ※This product does not have power switch. When we insert AC Adapter in outlet and are connected to tuner, it is switched on automatically.
        ※USB3.0 cable, AC Adapter during the illustration mentioned above are This product Contents. (tuner is not attached.)

        Setting method after tuner connection

        This product is available for picture recording use when connected to tuner.
        We connect This product which registers hard disk (initialization) to tuner. Please refer to "quick start guide" attached to the body.

        ※When displayed screen and procedures are different, you read Manual which is attached to tuner of errand, and please set.

        We register hard disk

        We connect This product to tuner. Please refer to "quick start guide" attached to the body.

        Procedure (1)

        Confirmation screen is displayed when we connect hard disk to tuner for the first time. We choose [connection setting] [decision] and push button with cursor of remote control.

        Procedure (2)

        [recording setting] We choose [USB hard disk connection setting] with screen [decision] overwhelm button.

        Procedure (3)

        Screen is displayed when we perform [USB hard disk connection setting] for the first time [the certification failure]. We push button to format [reproduction].

        Procedure (4)

        Format is started.

        Procedure (5)

        If screen of format completion is displayed, initialization of hard disk is completion.

        We set and were completed.

        We were ready to record on hard disk in this.
        After that you read Manual which is attached to "Hikari TV tuner", and please record

        We can be connected to USB-HDD picture recording-response TV

        It is connectable to digital televisions such as sharp/lye male, TOSHIBA/reguza, SONY/bra beer, Panasonic/Viyella, LG electronics /Smart TV, high sense, DX ANTENNA, Orion. (as for the correspondence information from this)

        ※It is necessary for TV to cope with USB-HDD picture recording.

        Fanless design

        We protect hard disk from heat in designing where it is not filled with heat in case by natural convection and let you last a long time more. In addition, there is no noise of harsh cooling fan as it is fanless design.

        Both width holders can do length holder, too

        As length holder is available for width holder, setting that is most suitable around PC, TV is possible.

        We are equipped with security slot

        There is security slot on the back of the body. It is useful for prevention of carrying out and prevention of theft except original user.


        ELECOM model number ELD-ERH020UWH
        Dimensions: 183mm in width X 120mm in depth X 35mm in height
        The number of the drives 1:
        Capacity 2TB
        Number of revolutions Non-fixation
        Interface USB3.1(Gen1)/3.0/2.0
        Input Voltage 100V, 50/60 Hz (AC Adapter)
        Connector type: USB3.1 Micro-Bx1
        RAID function Unavailable
        Security slot
        We format at the time of shipment NTFS
        Cooling FAN Unavailable
        PC power supply interlocking movement
        Access LED
        RoHS order EU RoHS order conformity (10 materials)
        Accessories: Simple connection guide, AC adapter (we do not include about 150cm connector) for) cable (we include about 100cm connector) x1 compatible with USB3.1 Gen1(USB3.0/2.0, quick guide (guarantee memo), Hikari TV tuners
        Available area Japan ※About use, support, guarantee out of Japan of This product, please note that you cannot accept at all.
        The electrical equipment security method PSE mark indication
        Term of a guarantee One year
        Weight 980 g (only as for the body)
        Supported Devices: Hikari TV tuner: ST-3400, ST-3200, ST-4100, AM900

        The latest correspondence information of this product is this

        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.