3.5inch attaching externally HDD


It carries high trust hard disk "WD Red" resisting heat and vibration and is attaching externally hard disk which realized guarantee for drive and long-term three years for 24 hours.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    ELD-REN010UBK 4953103460867
    1TB Open price Under the release
    ELD-REN020UBK 4953103460874
    2TB Open price Under the release
    ELD-REN030UBK 4953103294028
    3TB Open price Under the release
    ELD-REN040UBK 4953103294035
    4TB Open price Under the release
    ELD-REN060UBK 4953103294042
    6TB Open price Under the release
    ELD-REN080UBK 4953103294059
    8TB Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          Hard disk which adopted "WD Red" developed for NAS

          Adoption This product adopted hard disk drive "WD Red" which western digital Corporation developed for NAS in "WD Red" which realized high speed transfer equivalent to hard disk of 7,200 rounds in spite of being teikaitensoku.

          High-speed data transfer

          It supports USB3.0, and high-speed transfer of 5Gbps (theoretical value) 10 times as large as conventional USB 2.0 is possible. We can treat high capacity data such as video or photograph lightly.

          It is equipped with function in pursuit of convenience only by hard disk maker

          In "WD Red", "NASWare" is equipped with function in pursuit of convenience only by hard disk maker such as "3D Active Balance Plus".

          We control operating temperature and power consumption by innovative technology

          We adopt WD original firmware "NASware". It is equipped with power management function to optimize electricity consumption. We enabled reduction of large power consumption.

          Measurement result (※ Western Digital investigation) in hard disk simple substance

          With NASware

          "NASWare" is WD original technology carried in WD Red. We reduce temperature of hard disk by optimizing power consumption at the time of use of hard disk and improve performance. In addition, we control data damage and losses such as at the time of unanticipated electricity loss in minimum.

          The balance Control technology "3D Active Balance Plus" function deployment

          Conventional hard disk drive has had decreased performance "shortening of life" from working vibration with passage of time including "ambient noise occurrence". This product is equipped with "3D Active Balance Plus" function and holds down vibration, noise of hard disk to the maximum and realizes high performance and reliability.

          Smart design without cooling fan

          As it is not equipped with fan causing the noise, it is quiet and keeps stable drive. We are relieved even if not equipped with fan as drive itself is driven at comparative low temperature. Besides, it is fanless, and design of drive is Smart very. In addition, quietness of drive is suitable for use in environment regarded as important.

          Double cassette deck air flow structure

          Heat measures of product hold the key to maintain performance, life of hard disk. This product places slit for ventilation on base and the side. Warm air realized double cassette deck air flow structure air-cooling structure that thought about air passage that missed flow of air in consideration of nature of heat to rise above above vertically laterally from the lower part.

          We realize superior quietness

          As it is fanless design, there is no noise of harsh cooling fan.

          We optimize in condition peculiar to NAS such as operation for 24 hours

          We optimize in condition peculiar to NAS including operation for 24 hours. As MFBF (MTBF) improves by 35% from hard disk for 1,000,000 hours and standard desktop PC, it is most suitable for backup of we NAS product.

          ※Unit that was broken, and expressed hate in time that MTBF is statistical. We may be translated as "mean time before falling".

          Term of a guarantee of product "guarantee for three years" of assent

          As term of a guarantee is three years, it is available for SOHO and company use in peace.

          ※Guarantee relates to function of product which he/she purchased for three years and does not guarantee about disappearance of data stored in hard disk or damage.


          ELECOM model number ELD-REN010UBK
          Supported PCs PC which carried USB3.0 or USB 2.0 port by default and Apple Mac series
          Supported OS Windows 10 (S, Pro, Home), 8.1, 7/Windows Server 2016 (64bit), 2012 (64bit), 2012 R2(64bit), 2008 (64bit/32bit), 2008 R2(64bit)/macOS 10.13, 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, 10.4 ※The correspondence OS is limited all to Japanese OS.
          Dimensions: 120*183*35mm (only as for the body except protrusion)
          The number of the drives 1:
          Capacity 1TB
          Interface USB3.0/2.0
          Input Voltage 100V
          Connector type: USB3.0 Standard-Bx1
          RAID function Unavailable
          Security slot
          We format at the time of shipment NTFS
          Cooling FAN Unavailable
          PC power supply interlocking movement
          Access LED
          RoHS order Unavailable
          Accessories: AC Adapter X 1, USB3.0 (USB 2.0 compatibility) cable (about 1.0m) X 1, rubber foot X 1 for lateral installation, setup guide *1 set
          Term of a guarantee Three years
          Weight About 850 g (only as for the body)
          1Click button Unavailable
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