Portable hard disk


Using standard norm threaded hole for wall hangings of TV, it is portable hard disk where we bundled kit that hard disk is attached to the TV back with. We can arrange TV back wiring clearly.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    ELP-EKT010UBK 4953103323414
    1TB Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          With TV back installation kit

          It is portable hard disk with kit to attach hard disk to the back of TV.

          It is connectable to digital televisions such as sharp/lye male, TOSHIBA/reguza, SONY/bra beer, Panasonic/Viyella, LG electronics /Smart TV, high sense, DX ANTENNA, Orion.

          ※It is necessary for TV to cope with USB-HDD picture recording.


          Even the first purchase is reliable

          As we prepare the substantial telephone support system by the domestic staff and "simple connection guide", customer purchasing for the first time can use in peace.

          Simple installation of 3 steps!

          3 steps that installation is easy. Using threaded hole of standard norm for wall hangings of TV, we can attach hard disk to the back.

          Simple connection guide

          We commented on connection method of TV and recorder, setting method clearly and bundle "simple connection guide". Even if there is not knowledge of hard disk, it is available in peace.

          If it is USB3.0-adaptive TV, it is more convenient

          You can use more convenient functions such as recording at 2 program same time if connected to TV for USB3.0. ※The in detail correspondence right or wrong of function depends on Specifications of TV side

          As it is fanless design, there is not the noise

          As it is fanless design, there is no noise of harsh cooling fan.


          ELECOM model number ELP-EKT010UBK
          Dimensions: 78mm in width X 115mm in depth X 21mm in height
          The number of the drives 1:
          Capacity 1TB
          Number of revolutions Non-fixation
          Interface USB3.1(Gen1)/3.0/2.0
          Input Voltage 5V (USB Bus powered)
          Connector type: USB3.1 Micro-Bx1
          RAID function Unavailable
          Security slot Unavailable
          We format at the time of shipment NTFS
          Cooling FAN Unavailable
          PC power supply interlocking movement
          Access LED
          Accessories: Simple connection guide for TV back installation kit x1) cable (we include about 0.6m ※ connector) x1 compatible with USB3.1 Gen1(USB3.0/2.0, quick guide (guarantee memo), TV
          Available area Japan ※About use, support, guarantee out of Japan of This product, please note that you cannot accept at all.
          The electrical equipment security method Inapplicable
          Term of a guarantee One year
          Corresponding digital appliance TV, recorder (detailed correspondence information, please identify corresponding table of ELECOM CO., LTD. homepage) which support USB-HDD

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.