2.5 inches of SerialATA connection incorporation SSD

ESD-IB series ESD-IB0240G

Conversion case which HDD which we took out can reuse is attached. 2.5 inches of built-in SerialATA connection SSD where we can easily replace built-in HDD with by 3 steps.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    ESD-IB0240G 4549550117371
    240GB Open price Under the release
    ESD-IB0480G 4549550117388
    480GB Open price Under the release
    ESD-IB0960G 4549550117395
    960GB Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          [ELECOM formula] Your PC is reborn in SSD! With case external in SSD for incorporation of ELECOM

          In SSD, merit is fuller than hard disk. If it is SSD of ELECOM, there is external case and can download data moving software free, too. Do you not replace your PC in SSD either?

          ※About Specifications of This product, please confirm the lower this page Specifications.
          ※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

          We can easily replace with SSD by 3 steps

          It is 2.5 inches of built-in SerialATA connection SSD where we can easily replace internal hard disk with by 3 steps.
          We install software and copy data and, by 3 steps that just replaces SSD, can easily replace with SSD.

          ※About how to open camera back of PC, it is an example. You replace, and please perform work along Manual of each PC.

          Data access time is largely short

          Data access time is largely short not to record data to magnetic disk by physical movement such as hard disk, and to record data to flash memory by electrical movement, and high-speed data transfer is possible.

          We realize high-speed data transfer

          We realize reading up to 500MB/s, high-speed data transfer of note up to 430MB/s.

          High impact-resistant ability and vibration-resistant performance

          As there is not disk driving part which is easy to be damaged by shock and vibration, we have vibration-resistant performance and expensive impact-resistant Noh.

          It decreases by power consumption than hard disk

          As there are not driving parts such as motors, without the noise at the time of note, power consumption is largely held down in comparison with hard disk.

          "HD revolution Copy Drive Lite" attachment

          There is data shift software "HD revolution Copy Drive Lite" which we download from Web and can use.

          Installation is stably possible in conversion spacer

          We can stably attach SSD (thickness 7mm) as thickness of internal hard disk uses conversion spacer in the case of 9.5mm.

          We can reuse hard disk which we took out

          Conversion case is attached and can reuse hard disk which we took out.

          USB3.1 Gen1 cable attachment

          ) cable compatible with USB3.1 Gen1(USB3.0/2.0 which we can use in wide PC is attached.

          "IKARUS (Icarus) for Windows" attachment

          It has version license for one year of security software "IKARUS (Icarus) for Windows" to protect tablet from various viruses.

          Security software continuously monitors

          Security software "IKARUS (Icarus) for Windows" continuously monitors application to be malice and gets rid isolation/.

          By replacing built-in SSD, speed up road time of "game data" of PS4®!

          By replacing built-in SSD with PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro, road time for game and save data road time can speed up.

          We speed up PS4® save when loading data!

          We speed up road time for PS4® game!

          We speed up built-in SSD in external SSD in "PS4® start time" that does not become fast!

          By replacing built-in SSD with PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro, speedup of start time is enabled.

          The measurement model number
          ESD-IB0960G (960GB model)
          The measurement environment
          "It is monster hunter world PlayStation®4 Pro (FW:6.72) :We measure start time of software of ice Vaughn and save when loading data.
          Method for measurement
          • When we chose road - save data of save data, we measure start of measurement, time before loading, and being completed, and area being displayed
          • When we chose departure from road - quest of game, we measure start of measurement, time before loading, and being completed, and area being displayed
          • When we pushed down PS button of - controller in start time, start of measurement, menu measure indication sarerumadeo
          • ※Number becomes actual value result in the environment mentioned above. There is not with thing guaranteeing that similar result is provided in all environment. (as of our investigation March, 2019)
          • ※You depend on our original investigation about this inspection contents basically, and please forgive inquiry to CAPCOM CO.,LTD.
          • ※PS4R is registered trademark of Sony Corporation Interactive entertainment.

          You can download "PS4® incorporation SSD replacement Manual PDF".

          You can download PS4 incorporation SSD replacement Manual PDF of This product.
          Even the first person can replace in peace.
          (not attached to This product. It becomes only PDF for WEB downloading.)

          Downloading is this


          Interface: 2.5 inches of SATA3.0(6Gbps)
          Capacity 240GB
          Data-transfer speed Reading: 500MB/s, note: 430MB/s
          Dimensions: 100.45mm in width X 69.85mm in depth X 7mm in height
          Weight 47.5 g
          Accessories: USB3.1(Gen1) cable (it is compatible with USB3.0/USB2.0 and does not include about 0.25m ※ connector) X 1, conversion case x1, 7mm - 9.5mm conversion spacer x1, Manual x1, license number sheet x1
          Term of a guarantee One year

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.