Gaming glass


Joint development with gaming team "1'sBATTLEDOGS" multi-brand "SWANS" with lens maker of ELECOM and "Made in JAPAN" more than founding 105 years. Heiss peck gaming glass which is hard to be tired, and raises concentration which was made for Japanese.


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    G-G01G80BK 4549550120340
    24,580 yen (tax-excluded)
    27,038 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

          Gaming glass which we developed jointly in three companies of ELECOM X SWANS X 1'sBATTLEDOGS

          ELECOM and sports eyewear brand "SWANS" ※ It is gaming glass which we developed jointly in Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd. presenting this, three companies of multi-gaming team "1'sBATTLEDOGS".

          ※It is brand which Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd. with the results presents as the best sports eyewear for athlete for development of eyewear which "SWANS" is over founding 100 years, and "protects eyes".

          We reduce load to eyes

          We cut down on light intensity to enter from monitor to view and reduce load to eyes. Contrast of monitor is easy to go up than case to darken monitor to be able to lose luminosity of surrounding environment with monitor and makes environment where it is easy to concentrate on.

          We cut about 87% of blue lights

          We cut about 87% of blue lights which monitor of PC and TV rises from and value eye.

          ※In the case of "blue light hazard" based on affiliated book C of number Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS T 7333:2005) based on the company standard, it is 82% cut

          Frameless design to raise a feeling of devotion to game

          By frameless design that frame does not enter view, we raise a feeling of devotion to game.

          Gray lens which does not spoil hue

          We adopt gray lens which does not spoil hue that view of the world of game is just caught.

          We adopt large single-lens lens which curved

          We adopt large single-lens lens which curved and we suppress invasion of light and realize large field of vision. We adopt Polycarbonate which is light on lens, and is durable.

          We balance light grip with difficulty of gap

          We fit to wrap up head by design to outline of the Japanese head and balance difficulty of gap and light grip.

          AR coat which controls reflection of light

          We adopt AR(Anti Refrection) coat to control reflection of light in the lens inside.

          We can use headset together

          Is soft; as run, and is feeling, use headset together, and is available.

          Glass case and lens cleaner attachment

          Glass case and lens cleaner which are convenient for carrying around and storage are attached.

          Brand which unfolds as the best sports gear for athlete

          "SWANS" is brand which lens maker Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd. of "Made in JAPAN" presents as the best sports gear for athlete.

          High quality model that prepares all in Japan

          From frame to lens, it is high quality model preparing all in Japan.

          Joint development model of the "1'sBATTLEDOGS" supervision

          We make multi-gaming team "1'sBATTLEDOGS" professional adviser and are supervised joint development model.


          Color: Black/red
          Lens color Gray
          Material of lens Plastic
          Material of temple Plastic
          Blue light cut rate 87% ※Number based on the company standard
          Ultraviolet rays transmissivity 0.1% or less
          Visible light transmissivity 80%
          Dimensions About 140mm in width X 46mm in height
          Weight About 22 g
          Country of origin Japan
          Contents: The body, Manual, storage case, cleaning cross
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.