We attach NINTENDO SWITCH(TM)VR mode to head and can enjoy! By exclusive design that VR mode image (division into two) of SWITCH can recognize visually to every corner, it is VR goggles that we can enjoy VR contents and image at wide angle of field. In addition, wearing operation in state that added controller to the SWITCH body is possible as it is fuku where is equal to SWITCH hontaibufuku.


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    GM-NSVG01BK 4549550150798
    4,950 yen (tax-excluded)
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      Features of product

          VR glass to attach NINTENDO SWITCH™VR mode to head, and to be able to enjoy

          It is VR glass to attach NINTENDO SWITCH™VR mode to head, and to be able to enjoy.

          We start your NINTENDO SWITCH with VR mode and just set in the body and can enjoy all vertical and horizontal 360 degrees directions in contents full of a sense of reality. We put together for movement of head, and view moves 360 degrees when we look around during use of VR contents and can enjoy a sense of reality that oneself seems to be in contents at all.


          It is big opening Specifications which can recognize SWITCH VR mode screen visually to every corner.

          The body mount

          Even state that we added controller to in the SWITCH body just Dimensions is available.

          Scale spacing adjustment

          Scale spacing adjustment that we matched with user with dial of the upper body is possible.

          The body fixation band

          It is band fixation type that is heavy, and can fix warm SWITCH well.

          Adjustable headband

          We adopt adjustable headband which can let you fit well and are available in hands Free.

          Glasses correspondence

          We design in breadth around eyes and are available with wearing glasses.

          ※We cope with judgment to about 142mm in width. We may not use by shape.

          Nonspherical optic lens

          We adopt nonspherical optic lens of design for exclusive use of VR that there are few distortions, and angle of field is wide.

          Leather-like face pad

          We adopt punching software leather face cushion fitting by the superior softness.

          Connection of earphone/headphones is possible

          Connection of earphone/headphones is possible in state that we attached terminal to.

          Supported smartphones

          It supports smartphone of 4.7-6.5 inches.

          Cross is with the laundry

          There is cleaning cross which is convenient for care for lens.

          • ※Use of This product needs NINTENDO SWITCH sold separately.
          • ※There are individual differences in vanity of Video. Even if right and left which varying in eyesight and Video located within easy reach are hard to see sees 3D contents, invisible three-dimensionally, and Video may become dim.
          • ※Target age is 15 years or older.
          • ※Please read attached User manual before use to have you use This product safely.
          • ※This product is original product of ELECOM CO., LTD. and is not license product of Nintendo Co., Ltd.


          Color: < Black >
          Dimensions About W178.0 X D135.0 X H96.0mm (we remove band part)
          Weight About 210 g
          Materials: The body: PC+ABS, optic lens: Acrylic, headband: Polyester, face pad: Polyether foam + Synthetic Leather
          Supported devices: ・NINTENDO SWITCH(TM), 4.7-6.5 inches of smartphone
          Correspondence Dimensions Less than NINTENDO SWITCH(TM)
          Lens Nonspherical optic lens
          Pass; ddobando 3 direction elastic bands type
          Scale spacing adjustment function Available
          Focus adjustment function Single focus
          Smartphone attachment means Band fixed expression
          Glasses correspondence We cope to glasses of about 142mm in width ※We may not use by shape.
          Headphones correspondence
          Accessories: Lens cleaning cross, User manual

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.