Password locker HDD (1TB/3 year)

H-PLPHM3 series H-PLPH001TM3

USB Portable HDD with security capability to encrypt soft correspondence for manager, password lock function, all the data to save forcibly.

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Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
H-PLPH001TM3 4562313896269
1TB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
H-PLPH002TM3 4562313896276
2TB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
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  • This product is product of Hagiwara Solutions.

Features of product

      It supports USB3.0 realizing high-speed data transfer

      It supports "USB3.0" realizing high-speed data transfer "10 times" of USB 2.0 or more. There is backward compatibility and can use even PC of USB 2.0/1.1 (transfer speed depends on port on the PC side).

      Password lock function

      It carries password lock function as information leakage measures at the time of loss/theft. We can easily use without changing installation of software and setting of PC.

      Hardware coding function of AES256bit

      It is equipped with function that is encrypted automatically when we write in data at HDD. HDD cannot read data after having encrypted to break down the body, and to take out data directly because it is saved either.

      Three years license model

      For three years, we download the latest virus definition file and are three years license model whom virus check function is available to. Hardware guarantee is three years same as license period, too.

      Convenient automatic orchid function

      When connect portable HDD to PC; password certification screen is automatic invocation. It does not take effort to start password certification screen by manual operation. ※When automatic orchid function of CD-ROM becomes effective, it functions.

      Customization of security policy

      Of security policy including change of password policy (text length of password) and limit of PC which can use is customizable. ※"SecurityUSB Manager" of Sold separately is necessary.

      Data rescue function

      When we have forgotten password, manager resets password and can take out data (we can reset password of portable HDD in distant place).

      ※"SecurityUSB Manager" of Sold separately is necessary.

      We save use history as log

      We save use history as log: Information of PC which we used is saved to HDD as log. We can grasp the use situation of user by confirming manager log.

      Software automatic updating function

      The latest edition of software putting on portable HDD is released or is equipped with function to check automatically. If there are any the latest software, we can update by simple operation that we just click according to instructions of screen.

      Reliable support

      Software (VirusScan software is excluded) put on This product is self-developed. By possible tech support and reliable, reliable user support of ELECOM group, you can use in peace for a long term because it is self-developed.

      Flexible custom service

      We prepare for custom menus such as service to write in contents which we set in software "SecurityUSB Manager" for manager at the time of production of portable HDDs or printing of management number.


      ELECOM model number H-PLPH001TM3
      Supported PCs ・It is free space of PC DOS/V apparatus, free RAM 128MB in capacity equipped with USB interface as standard equipment or more: Being able to connect CD-ROM drive to thing (recommendation), the Internet environment where automatic orchid practice with recognition sarerukoto, CD-ROM drive is made 128MB or more (recommendation)
      Supported devices (1) ・Windows7(SP1), 8, 8.1, 10 (Pro, Home), Windows Server 2008 SP2, 2008R2 ※1, Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2 ※1, Windows Server 2016 ※1:
      Supported devices (2) ※1 supports only administrator rights. ※When we did at the time of use by the OS except Japanese OS, as for the application, it is displayed English. ※PC power supply interlocking movement function may not work depending on model.
      Dimensions: fuku 79.4 X D 117 X 21mm in height (only as for the body except protrusion)
      The number of the drives 1:
      Capacity 1TB
      Number of revolutions 5400rpm
      Interface USB3.0
      Input Voltage 5V (USB Bus powered)
      Connector type: USB3.0 Micro-Bx1
      RAID function Unavailable
      Security slot Unavailable
      We format at the time of shipment NTFS
      Cooling FAN Unavailable
      PC power supply interlocking movement
      1Click button Unavailable
      Access LED
      RoHS order Unavailable
      Accessories: USB3.0 (USB 2.0 compatibility) cable ※We include about 30cm connector
      Available area Japan ※About use, support, guarantee out of Japan of This product, please note that you cannot accept at all.
      The electrical equipment security method Inapplicable
      Term of a guarantee Three years
      The green purchase method: Correspondence
      Security capability Password lock function, hardware coding (AES256bit) function, software correspondence for manager
      • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.