/spray for kitchen, household appliances cleaner "CAND"/IH, gas ring


New kitchen, cleaner series "CAND" (kando) for household appliances. Spray for IH, gas rings to float oil dirt stickily, and to drop such as IH, gas ring.


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    HA-CKGS400 4549550114929
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      Features of product

          Spray for IH, gas ring of cleaner series "CAND" (kando)

          It is spray for IH, gas ring of cleaner series "CAND" (kando) for kitchen, household appliances.

          We float oil dirt stickily and drop

          Such as IH and gas ring, kitchen counter spray on oil dirt directly stickily, and float, and drop. By function of sodium bicarbonate electrolysis water and orange oil, heavy oil dirt rises.

          Detergent, synthetic surfactant nonuse

          In detergent, composition surfactant nonuse, it is available in peace.

          How to use

          After having sprayed on dirt directly, we wipe off with dry cloth or wash away. Or we can clean even that we soak cloth and wipe off.


          Enter; number Capacity in spray: 400 ml
          Primary component: Sodium bicarbonate electrolysis water, fermentation ethanol, d- limonene
          Materials: Humoral: Alkalescent
          Others Cleaner for house
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