Deodorization sanitization hypochlorous acid water "ekuriazero for Pro"/double dilution

HCE-DLC100 series HCE-DLC10004

We remove office and the spot office, hotel, smell and bacteria, virus in the spot environment including public facilities, allele material easily. "ekuriazero for Pro" of macroscale Dimensions double dilution type for corporations which realize long-term deodorization, sanitization to be able to keep active ingredient long with hypochlorous acid water which was refined by the patent manufacturing method.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    HCE-DLC10004 4549550136754
    4 L Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
    HCE-DLC10010 4549550136761
    10 L Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
    HCE-DLC10020 4549550136778
    20 L Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
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    Features of product

        We make the comfortable workplace environment

        We remove smell virus, bacteria, allele material and are hypochlorous acid water "ekuriazero forPro" for deodorant sanitization to make the comfortable workplace environment (double dilution).

        ※This product is not pharmaceutical product. We do not remove all viruses, bacteria. Effect may vary according to use environment.

        We keep active ingredient by the patent manufacturing method for at least two years

        The only weak point of hypochlorous acid water was that there was not active ingredient in around several months. ekuriazero is available for storage while keeping active ingredient by the patent manufacturing method to remove impurities to the maximum for at least two years.

        We play an active part in wide type of industry

        You can use This product having superior effect, safety let alone office environment in type of industry, environment needing the spot office and temporary restroom, hotel, restaurant, food factory, high deodorization, sanitization effect including nursing facility.

        Subacidity, food additives and the same class same as skin

        It is water-clear, and, with subacidity same as skin, there is not residual property, too. In addition, for property that is equal to food additives, you can use in peace in environment that small child and elderly person spend.

        Unpleasant smell is broken by the material

        As hypochlorous acid water breaks down causative agent of smell from the cause unlike method to mask with strong fragrance, we show deodorization effect high quickly.

        Sanitization, virus restraint, mold measures

        We restrain 99% for invisible bacteria and virus.

        We break down allele material

        We break down allele material included in invisible pollen and tick and make comfortable space.

        It is sanitization in tank by combination with humidifier

        By using This product in conjunction with humidifier, deodorant sanitization of space and sanitization in humidifier tank are possible.

        Double dilution type

        It is double dilution type to weaken This product and water in the ratio of 1:1, and to use.

        ※When effect is not felt enough, we increase quantity of undiluted solution and are adjustable.

        Each test data

        ※ This animated image is Video of demonstration experiment of "HCE-DL01" which effect has the same as This product. The density of undiluted solution is different from This product, but density when we use in diluted form is the same.


        Ingredient Hypochlorous acid water, purified water
        Liquid characteristics Subacidity
        Available chlorine concentration About 100 ppm
        Inner capacity 4 L
        Dimensions: yakufuku 93 X depth 122 X 273mm in height
        Contents: Hypochlorous acid water (undiluted solution), beak nozzle
        Product division Miscellaneous goods
        How to use Undiluted solution: We weaken water in the ratio of 1:1 and put in exclusive spray, humidifier, the spray bottle and use
        Expiration date Two years
        Storage temperature 5 degrees Celsius - 25 degrees Celsius
        Storage humidity 20% - 85%
        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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