ekuriasupotsu "balance board"


Training series "ekuriasupotsu" which melts into lifestyle of adult valuing quality of oneself. Balance board which there is human trunk training anytime just to get on in software material fitting body.


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    HCF-BDBUL 4549550134026
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      Features of product

          It is ekuriasupotsu "balance board" that human trunk training is possible anytime just to get on.

          Basic training

          Applied training

          ※ You hold onto wall or pillar first, and please keep training that there was in own physical strength in mind to fall down, and to be hurt.

          With slipper rubber

          Base has slipper rubber which can stably train.

          Exclusive Matte which is hard to hurt floor

          There is exclusive Matte which is hard to hurt floor.

          Human trunk trains in moderate H

          Human trunk training is possible 68mm in height design in moderate H.

          Coloring to adjust to interior

          We adopt coloring to adjust to interior of room.

          ※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.


          Set contents Balance board, exclusive Matte
          Color: Light blue
          Materials: Polypropylene, synthetic rubber
          Dimensions About W250 X D250 X H68mm
          Withstand load 120 kg
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.