"ECLEAR body composition meter" Black

HCS-FS01 series HCS-FS01BK

We develop volume estimate method to calculate the abdominal overall internal organs fat based on MRI measurement data in cooperation with University of Tsukuba. "ECLEAR body composition meter" which can evaluate the internal organs fat level more exactly. The exact measurement of 50 grams of units is possible and can measure seven items including the internal organs fat level, basal metabolism.


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      Features of product

          ECLEAR body composition meter

          We adopt volume estimate method to calculate the abdominal overall internal organs fat by the MRI measurement, and evaluation of a more correct internal organs fat level is possible "ECLEAR body composition meter".

          University-industry research collaboration project - University of Tsukuba Professor Emeritus Tanaka and collaborative investigation

          The measurement of quantity of internal organs fat that relations with lifestyle-related disease are close evaluates the internal organs fat level with 30 phases for the cause in measurement data (usually one piece of CT image of the navel circumference) to be provided by having photographed 24 pieces of tomograms of abdominal all to lower ... waist top of chest by MRI by collaborative investigation with University of Tsukuba more exactly.

          Professor Emeritus Tanaka studies change of weight loss, body composition and relations of lifestyle-related disease, and "exercise science" is in book. Conventionally, we propose that by calculating the internal organs fat quantity measured in CT with the measurement, volume by MRI, improve accuracy of evaluation of the internal organs fat level.

          University of Tsukuba Graduate School sports medicine specialty
          Professor Emeritus Kiyoji Tanaka

          We can measure seven items

          Seven items of weight, internal organs fat level, BMI, percent of body fat, skeletal muscle rate, bone mass, basal metabolism are measurable.

          The exact measurement of 50 grams of units is possible

          The exact measurement of 50 grams of units is possible so that the weight change grasps in detail.

          Just get on; automatic recognition

          We switch on because it is equipped with automatic recognition function to estimate registrant from past measurement data just to get on, and it is not necessary to choose number that we registered.

          It supports foot Dimensions of 28cm

          Even big man of foot copes with 28cm Dimensions of relief.

          The backlight deployment

          It carries backlight to be easy to look at number in dark place.

          With carpet leg

          Even if by attaching attached carpet leg, measure on soft floor, it is in Specifications with a little measurement error.

          The everyday weight change by graph record "ECLEAR APP"

          Training application "ECLEAR APP"

          As hand inputs measurement data into exclusive application "ECLEAR APP" (ekuriaappu), the past comparison or graph indication are possible.

          As difference with the aim weight that we set is glance, and it is revealed that graph displays the everyday weight change, it is recommended to people who want to do weight control.

          Exclusive application "ECLEAR APP" is available for cooperation with home EMS "ekuriarinappu" (separate sale). We automatically set the most suitable mode to change of daily figures and make firm body effectively.


          The biggest measurement Up to 150 kg
          Measurement unit 2.5-100 kg: 50 g of units, 100 kg -: 100 g of units
          Scale precision 2.5-75 kg: +-100 g, 75-100 kg: +-150 g, 100-150 kg: +-300 g
          The weight difference -9.9 g - 9.9 kg: 100 g of units ※Only as for the last time value
          BMI 0.4 - 150:0.1 unit
          Percent of body fat It is 0.1% unit 5-75%
          Percent of body fat judgment Nine phases
          Skeletal muscle rate It is 0.1% unit 5-75%
          Skeletal muscle rate judgment Nine phases
          The internal organs fat level Level 1 - 30:1 unit
          The internal organs fat level judgment Six phases (as standard equipment: three phases high: three phases) ※There is no no judgment about the internal organs fat level "low". Thus, in the body panel "low" of no three phases LED always turns on without depending on result of a measurement.
          Bone mass 0.1 kg of units
          Basal metabolic rate 500 - 3000kcal/ day: 1kcal unit
          Area 5 bases
          User enrollment Four people
          Sex Man/woman
          Height 100.0-250.0cm: 0.5cm unit
          Power supply *3 DC4.5V single 4 form dry cell
          Battery life About one year (at the time of use of alkali dry cell)
          Weight : About 1.4 kg (except dry cell)
          Dimensions:  yakufuku 303 X depth 283 X 23mm in height
          Color: < Black >
          Contents: The body X 1, Manual X 1, 4 battery single forms (R03) for trial *3, carpet leg X 4
          Term of a guarantee One year
          Date From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2050
          The time 0:00-23:59 (24 hours indication)
          The date of birth From January 1, 1900 to December 31, 2040
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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