"ARMA" gaming earphone Microphone


"ARMA series" which is most suitable for cancer shooting system game (FPS play) by earphone type equipped with 3D fitting ear arm preventing omission omission playing. Gaming earphone Microphone of earplugs type to be able to enjoy sound that carries in-line Microphone which is hard to interfere, and gave tuning for exclusive use of gaming of high-quality sound.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    HS-ARMA30EBK 4549550132060
    < Black > 5,310 yen (tax-excluded)
    5,841 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release
    HS-ARMA30EWH 4549550132077
    < White > 5,310 yen (tax-excluded)
    5,841 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          Gaming earphone Microphone which is most suitable for cancer shooting system game (FPS) play

          It is gaming earphone Microphone of "ARMA series" which is most suitable for cancer shooting system game (FPS) play.

          We prevent abnormal vibration, and distortion plays few sounds

          We make 28 lib for appearance of vibration board and prevent transformation of timbal, the division vibration, abnormality vibration such as rolling and regenerate superior sound in transparency that there are few distortions.

          We adopt high magnetic force magnet

          By adopting high magnetic force magnet, go berserk in dynamic and reproduce low tone which no is good for.

          We adopt dynamic driver of φ 10mm

          We adopt dynamic driver of φ 10mm that gave tuning for exclusive use of gaming and are high-quality sound model that raised resolution of upper register which is indispensable to discrimination of sound.

          Earplugs type that sound insulation characteristics fit ear highly

          Game play is possible for a feeling of devotion that is high without being influenced by ambient noise at the same time as sound insulation characteristics reduce sound leak by earplugs type to fit ear highly.

          ※Product of image is HS-ARMA30EBK (Black).

          Ear cap which can regulate mounting location

          We employ ear chief that D direction can regulate mounting location and we raise sealing characteristics and improve low tone expression.

          Gee, 4 Dimensions is attached to cap

          Gee, cap is attached in 4 Dimensions which added smaller XS Dimensions to general S M, large size and can adjust fitting feeling.

          3D fitting ear arm

          We fit ear three-dimensionally and adopt 3D fitting ear arm preventing omission omission at the time of game play. Even long-time use realized a feeling of comfortable arming.

          Convenient in-line controller

          We adopt convenient in-line controller which can operate Microphone mute (※) and volume adjustment at hand. We put in-line Microphone which does not interfere on controller part of cable.

          ※We work as incoming reply/Pick up and terminate calls end button in smartphone.

          There is convenient clip

          There is convenient clip attached to breast pocket or clothes.

          We adopt fabric cord

          It is hard to get twisted up and adopts fabric cord which is superior in the durability.

          The cable head is 2m

          The cable head is 2m that can be connected relaxedly.

          It is available immediately just to be connected to terminal

          It carries dia. 3.5mm 4-conductor mini-plug and is available immediately just to be connected to terminal.

          Even conventional PC is available

          As Converter cable of φ 3.5mm tripolar mini-plug X 2 (Microphone X 1, headphones X 1) is attached, even conventional PC which is not equipped with headset terminal of 4 poles mini-plug is available.

          Exclusive porch is attached

          We store headphones, and exclusive porch which is convenient for carrying around is attached.

          It is most suitable for Audio chats

          It is USB headset which is most suitable for online game, videoconference, Audio chat. When we connect speaker to PC and enjoy music, we can just enjoy Audio chats.

          ※ZOOM application operation check finished.

          Each part name


          Supported devices: Windows PC equipped with headset terminal (CTIA standard conformity) of φ3.5mm4 pole minijack, Microphone input terminal of φ 3.5mm3 pole minijack and Windows PC, PlayStation4 equipped with headphones output terminal, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite
          Interface: Dia.3.5mm 4-conductor mini-plug (CTIA standard conformity), φ 3.5mm3 pole mini-plug X 2
          Cable length About 2.0m
          The body color < Black >
          Weight 6 g (we do not include cable)
          Dimensions: 25mm in width X 26mm in depth X 40mm in height (we do not include cable)
          Wearing method Earplugs type type
          Headphones speaker method Dynamic type (stereo)
          Headphones driver unit 10mm in diameter
          Headphones, maximum permissible input 5mW
          Headphones Impedance 16Ω
          Headphones, frequency band 20-20,000Hz
          Headphones volume adjustment Available
          Mike Mike method Electret condenser method
          Microphone, directivity Adactylous tropism
          Microphone, input sensitivity -42dB ± 3dB
          Microphone Impedance 2.2kΩ
          Microphone, frequency band 100-10,000Hz
          Accessories: Converter cable (φ3.5mm4 pole minijack - φ 3.5mm3 pole mini-plug X 2), 3D ear arm (M/L for each one pair), ear cap (XS/S/M/L for each one pair), exclusive porch, User manual
          Term of a guarantee Six months

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          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.