Gaming headset attached to digital mixer

HS-GM30M series HS-GM30MBK

We listen to game sound while talking in smartphone! Gaming headset of both ears overhead type attached with digital mixer which we mixed sound of game and sound of smartphone and could regenerate at the same time.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    HS-GM30MBK 4549550143578
    < Black > Open price New product
    HS-GM30MWH 4549550143585
    < White > Open price New product

      Features of product

          Gaming headset attached to digital mixer which can play sound of game and sound of smartphone at the same time

          It is gaming headset of both ears overhead type attached with digital mixer which can play sound of game and sound of smartphone at the same time.

          Both ears overhead type

          Even long-time use is hard to be tiring for a feeling of stable wearing and is both ears overhead type to be able to hear Audio well.

          The high-resolution driver deployment of 40mm

          It is equipped, and high-resolution driver of 40mm that we customized exclusively for product for gaming is available for game play full of a sense of reality. By adopting high magnetic force magnet, go berserk in dynamic and reproduce low tone which no is good for.

          Large ear pad

          It is-style in around year to cover all the people of ear with large ear pad. By lateral pressure that we coordinated with tender ear pad appropriately, game play is possible comfortably even for a long time.

          Headband which is available for length adjustment

          We adopt headband which length easy to use can regulate with adjuster.

          The noise reduction Microphone deployment

          It carries noise reduction Microphone which is hard to pick up ambient noise.

          Cable attachment for connection

          It is attached with cable (USB A, Type-C for each one) for connection with game console, cable (dia.3.5mm 4-conductor mini-plug) for connection with smartphone.

          ※In the case of use, φ 3.5mm voice conversion cable sold separately is necessary in smartphone which does not carry earphone Jack.

          In use, single soup stock type not to interfere

          Cable is single soup stock type not to interfere at the time of use.

          We are connected to game console directly and are available

          We connect dia. 3.5mm 4-conductor mini-plug to game console directly and can use without going by way of digital mixer.

          ※Volume adjustment, Microphone mute operation support only at the time of use of digital mixer.

          Digital mixer of high-quality sound

          It is attached with digital mixer of USB connection that we mix sound of game while doing Pick up and terminate calls by chat application of smartphone and can regenerate. Mixture reproduction more of high-quality sound than conventional analog mixer method that volume is apt to be short by digital mixed processing and the deployment of amplifier circuit is possible. It is equipped with function that can operate Microphone mute and volume adjustment to digital mixer part at hand.

          With convenient clip

          Digital mixer part has convenient clip thrown by breast pockets.

          It is available by simple wiring

          It incorporates Microphone circuit and is available by simple wiring that we just connect headset, game console, smartphone to in supplied cable each.


          Supported devices: Game console: PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, communications terminal for Nintendo Switch Lite/ voice chat: Smartphone, tablet, Windows PC which were equipped with headset terminal (CTIA standard conformity) of φ3.5mm4 pole minijack
          Interface: Connection with game console: USB A terminal, connection with communications terminal for USB Type-C terminal/voice chat: Dia.3.5mm 4-conductor mini-plug (CTIA standard conformity)
          Cable length From mixer to game console: From about 1.5m (at the time of USB A connection), about 0.5m (at the time of USB Type-C connection)/mixer to communications terminal for voice chat: It is about 1.0m from about 1.5m/mixer to headset
          The body color < Black >
          Weight 162 g (we do not include cable)
          Dimensions: 165mm in width X 75mm in depth X 170mm in height (we do not include cable)
          Wearing method Overhead type
          Headphones speaker method Dynamic type (stereo)
          Headphones driver unit 40mm in diameter
          Headphones, maximum permissible input 50mW
          Headphones Impedance 32Ω
          Headphones, frequency band 20-20,000Hz
          Headphones volume adjustment Available
          Mike Mike method Electret condenser method
          Microphone arm length 115mm
          Microphone mute function Available
          Microphone, directivity Adactylous tropism
          Microphone, input sensitivity -40dB ± 3dB
          Microphone Impedance 2.2kΩ
          Microphone, frequency band 100-10,000Hz
          Accessories: Digital mixer, interconnection cable (USB A, Type-C for each one) with game console, interconnection cable (dia.3.5mm 4-conductor mini-plug), User manual with communications terminal for voice chat
          Term of a guarantee Six months

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