Security USB manager


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HUD-SUMA 4562313887038
42,000 yen (tax-excluded)
46,200 yen (tax-included)
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  • This product is product of Hagiwara Solutions.

Features of product

      Password policy setting

      We can customize password policy to information security policy of company.

      Initial password setting

      We can set initial password before distributing to users. Furthermore, we let user change initial password forcibly and can let you prohibit change of initial password. Do not intend; is used, and can prevent person.

      We make initial password setting and can ship if we use setting note service (pay).

      Data leak measures at the time of theft, loss

      Device is locked and becomes unable to use when we get a wrong input of password more than the regulations number of times, but setting to do initialization (all user data are deleted) forcibly is possible.
      By initializing, come to be able to use whether you reset password by "rescue function" when device is locked again.

      Invalid setting of password lock function

      By invalidating password lock function, the use in private terminal without input device for business use is enabled.
      If "automatic orchid function of CD-ROM" becomes effective, virus check is started automatically.
      ※ Password input screen is not displayed.
      ※ Removable disk domain is always in condition to be able to access.

      Even if user forgets password; reliable "rescue function"

      We can reset current password if we use "rescue function" when user forgot password, and security USB memory can take saved user data.

      [method 1] We hand security USB memory to manager

      Rescue function

      User hands manager security USB memory or sends. Manager resets password using <security USB manager> and returns to user after setting new password.

      [method 2] We have you issue "cancellation file" and "the release key" by transmission and reception of file

      Rescue function

      User outputs "rescue file" from security USB memory and sends to manager. Manager can make "cancellation file" and "the release key" from "rescue file" using <security USB manager>. This user who is in distant place if there are any two can reset password.

      [method 3] We are taught "the release key" resetting password over telephones

      Rescue function

      User outputs "rescue number" from security USB memory and will inform manager over telephones. We use manager hao, and "cancellation number" is made by "rescue number". We have you convey "deletion number" over telephones and reset password.

      In Network which does not lead to the Internet definition file update "local update function"

      For PC that connection with the Internet is interrupted, we allow update of virus definition file when we use "local update function" of server software "Local Updater".
      ※It is function only corresponding to McAfee edition.

      We install "Local Updater" in server which is accessible to the Internet in the company. From virus definition file server, we download definition file to server in the company by using Local Updater and will save. We can update security USB memory which we connected to PC in the company using definition file in file server in the company.

      We set a limit to practice and function

      It is function that can limit use of security USB memory other than the PC which manager admitted.
      Selection is available for use restrictions of security USB memory in PC that use is not admitted than the following.

      • ・The ban on use
      • ・It is available by the password certification
      • ・It is available by copyguard function

      Criterion PC admitting use

      ・File, folder, having Registry key or not
      ・MAC address/IP address/domain/work group

      ※We can set on the AND condition mentioned above, OR condition, AND+OR condition.

      Copyguard function

      We can use security USB memory with designated PC as usual when we validate copyguard function, but, other than the designated PC including home PC, thing and print, screen capture to save data in security USB memory to PC can strengthen data leak measures more as they are prohibited.

      Function that we can prohibit other than the designated PC

      • Print
      • Internet access
      • Screen capture
      • Clipboard
      • Network shared folder access

      We check the security measure situation of home PC

      PC which security USB memory was connected to virus vs. is equipped with function to inspect whether is plotted. When it is judged that it is dangerous as a result of inspection, setting to prohibit use of security USB memory is possible.

      The use OS restrictions function

      It can limit period of service of security USB. Please use for cases to loan out temporarily. Setting to remove data in security USB forcibly when it is past period of service is possible. We can extend period of service after the rental.


      We can choose the OS to limit use among the following OS.
      ・Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
        ・Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
        ・Windows Embedded

      The Mac OS

      We can set the use right or wrong by the Mac OS.

      Log function

      It is function to record log that can identify the use situation of security USB memory in the security USB body. It can limit reading/output/deletion of log by user.

      ・Information of PC which did file manipulation

       (operation date and time/computer name/user name/Mac address/IP address)

      ・Information about device

       (we list in USB serial number of device, Sticker on the back of individual ID number ※)

      ・File manipulation information

        (file name, file size, process name that we made file manipulation, file processing *)
       *Making, access, practice, movement, copy, deletion, renaming to open


      We collect log of security USB memory and are operational management server software to compile into a database.
      We can perform use traceability of security USB, inventory of security USB, file manipulation traceability to security USB by introducing INFO BANKER.

      Log is sent to server in the company via Network automatically by security USB and can confirm information of IINFO BANKER via browser

      Silent software update

      We do not notify user and are function to perform software update of security USB automatically.
      Manager at the time of update can reduce inquiry.

      Function in connection with security solution

      It supports special format adopting by security solution of the companies

      When we use USB memory in environment where security solutions such as prevention of information leakage are introduced into PC, we may hang special format including coding to USB memory, but can use in peace as security USB memory has structure which we can hang such a special fur Matte even if it is environment where security solution is introduced into.

      We cope with change of identification information of USB device

      We can change volume label of USB product strings and removable disk.
      ・Product slings (*1): It is available as the certification identifier of information leakage solution.
      ・Volume label: Drive name to see on My Computer changes and can use for simple device distinction.

      (*1 is different from USB PID)

      Other functions

      File addition

      We can add file to CD-ROM domain, removable disk domain of security USB memory. As user cannot make deletion of file into CD-ROM domain, we are suitable for file retention which does not want to be deleted.

      Resize of removable disk domain

      We can make resize of removable disk domain (domain where user of security USB memory can make file retention into). You want to let you store file which is higher than specific Dimensions for prevention of information leakage, and please use in few cases.

      Authentication key fixation mode

      We set authentication key to security USB memory to link security USB memory with software for manager, but this authentication key prepares for mode which cannot change authentication key at all to can change by deleting data of security USB memory.

      Custom menu

      It is charged custom service menu which is possible from more than 100 orders.
      ※Device setting note service becomes correspondence of the sky 50 or more.

      ①Device setting note service

      We write in contents which we set by software for manager and ship.

      ②We link and list and submit and give serial service

      We submit list which linked USB serial number (internal serial No) with serial No (outside serial No) printed by Sticker for product back side, signature in Excel format.
      When we register security USB memory with solution to control external device to USB memory, it is convenient.

      ※WARNING! We cannot accept request after product shipment.
      I would like application at the time of ordering by all means. In addition, only this service becomes gratuitous.

      ③Management number Sticker pasting up service

      We stick management number Sticker on product and ship. Management number can be accepted by consecutive numbers.
      (custom correspondence of font and character size is possible, too.)

      ④Management number laser printing service

      Laser prints management number to product. For laser printing, it is torn off, and what is not put out is Features. (custom correspondence of font and character size is possible, too)

      ⑤Silk printing service

      We do silk printing on the surface of product. Expense to make printing plate is necessary. ※Printable range (vertical 17.2 X 49mm in width)

      ⑥Jet printing service

      We print full color by ink jet printing on the surface of product. We cope with full color printing unlike silk printing. Print of gradation design is possible, too. ※Printable range (vertical 17.2 X 49mm in width)

      ⑦Case change

      Change to case with cap is possible. Like standard case, silk printing, jet printing, laser printing, Sticker pasting up are possible. ※USB print is within possible range (vertical 12 X 35.6mm in width)


      Sliding case : 60.0 x 20.8 x 7.8mm (connector extension 72.5 x 20.8 x 7.8mm)
      Cap-type case : We include 62.1 x 17.0 x 10.0mm * cap

      ⑧USB serial number custom service

      Custom can do a part of the USB serial number (20 digits) of security USB memory.
      ※ Number listed in Sticker on the back of the security USB memory body is different number.

         ※Y: Part (ten digits) to be able to make custom into




      Four digits: We are management numbers prescribed in option.

      Ten digits: It is part which customer can make regulations (fixation) into.
          Character that we can use becomes "0-9, A - F".

      Six digits: It becomes increment of 000000-999999.


      Supported devices: More than CPU physics free RAM capacity 512MByte DOS/V apparatus Pentium4 1.4GB that carried USB Interface (required USB 2.0) or more hard disk free space 500MB or more
      Supported devices: ※It does not support USB interface that built more with expansion board. ※It is necessary for USB Mass Storage Class driver, HID Class driver, CD-ROM driver to be incorporated beforehand.
      Supported OS Windows XP withSP3 Windows VISTA with SP2 Windows 7 with SP1 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 ※Windows XP is limited to 32bit model ※It is displayed Japanese OS case, Japanese. ※It becomes case except Japanese OS, English indication. ※We do not correspond to limit user
      Others ※Please update USB memory with this software and security capability in the latest state by all means before using this software.
      • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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