VR game pad

JC-VRP01 series JC-VRP01BK

VR (virtual reality) experience that seems to be totally in the place in smartphone. VR game pad for Android smartphone which is most suitable for full-scale game by button placement mounted with analog stick of PS origin.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    JC-VRP01BK 4953103340367
    6,740 yen (tax-excluded)
    7,414 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          VR game pad which is most suitable to enjoy full-scale VR game in smartphone

          It is the most suitable VR game pad to enjoy full-scale VR (virtual reality) game in smartphone.

          We adopt button placement of PS origin

          It is equipped with analog stick and adopts button placement that placed cross button in upper left of PS origin and can enjoy game for a feeling of familiar operation.

          The removable clip stands

          The putting on and taking off-type clip stands which can set up smartphone are attached and are available usefully when they play game except VR.

          Connection simple in Bluetooth®

          We can be easily connected in Bluetooth® and are available with game pad by wireless.

          It is available in Android smartphone

          It is available in Android smartphone.

          ※Depending on terminal, application of use, we may not use some or all of This product.

          We adopt 2.4GHz wireless

          We adopt 2.4GHz wireless and realize Communication Range up to about 10m.

          ※By surrounding, Communication Range may shorten.

          Dry cell type

          It is dry cell type which we can easily change in the case of running out of battery immediately.

          Power switch

          There is power switch on the body undersurface and can prevent consumption of battery in nonuse.

          State indicator lamp

          We are equipped with lamp telling the body surface about exchange time and pairing mode of battery.

          Each part name


          The number of the buttons 12 button + HOME buttons
          Vibration function None
          Blaze function None
          Analog stick Two
          Macro-function None
          Button placement change over function (remap function) None
          POV (hat Switch) Available
          The number of the axes 6 axes (the X-axis, the Y-axis, the Z-axis, Z turn, HAT_X axis, HAT_Y axis)
          Supported devices: Android smartphone
          Supported OS After Android5.0 ※System update of the smartphone body may be necessary.
          Communication method: FHSS method
          Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
          Radio wave outreach: About 10 mm ※It is test value in our environment and is not guarantee.
          Dimensions (the body) The game pad body: yakufuku 149.0 X depth 89.0 X 46.0mm in height, clip stands wearing time: yakufuku 149.0 X depth 147.4 X 86.2mm in height
          Weight (the body) About 120 g (we do not include battery)
          Continuous operating: About 114 hours
          Weight The game pad body: About 120 g (we do not include battery) of clip stands: About 28 g
          Power supply (the body) Two one of 3 single alkali first dry cell, 3 single manganese first dry cell, 3 single nickel second dry cell
          Supply voltage (the body) 3V
          Maximum consumption electric current (the body) 17.5mA
          Accessories: User manual x1, 3 single alkaline battery x2 for operation check, clip stands x1 unit
          The body color < Black >
          Available area Japan
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          Compliant standard: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Class2/profile: HID(Human Interface Device)

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          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.