Controller for exclusive use of bloom SDK

JC-VRR02V series JC-VRR02VBK

VR (virtual reality), AR (ogumentiddoriariti) experience that seems to be totally in the place in smartphone. Controller for exclusive use of bloom SDK of both iPhone/Android smartphone correspondence which we can operate by bloom SDK-adaptive application by the motion sensor deployment intuitively.


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    JC-VRR02VBK 4953103340374
    6,740 yen (tax-excluded)
    7,414 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          Controller for exclusive use of bloom SDK which can operate VR, AR contents of smartphone

          We are putting on VR glass and are controller for exclusive use of bloom SDK which can operate VR (virtual reality), AR (ogumentiddoriariti) contents of smartphone.

          Controller-adaptive application for exclusive use of bloom SDK

          AR BladeGunner
          Provider: ELECOM CO., LTD.
          OS:  After iOS11

          AR BladeGunner promotion video

          AR star smash
          Provider: ELECOM CO., LTD.
          OS:  After iOS11

          AR star smash promotion video

          Request for bloom SDK application development

          On platform of controller "JC-VRR02VBK" for exclusive use of bloom SDK, we adopt "bloom SDK" of Wonder league (the head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative director: lower than Kitamura victory, Wonder league). For person wanting VR, AR application development using controller "JC-VRR02VBK" for exclusive use of bloom SDK, we release SDK.
          Person that development of "bloom SDK" correspondence application is hoped for, please refer to the following downloading linked to.

          It is equipped with motion sensor of 6 axes

          It is equipped with motion sensor of 6 axes, and intuitive operation is possible.

          iPhone/Android smartphone correspondence

          We correspond to both iPhone/Android smartphone.

          ※It is available only by application supporting bloom SDK controller.

          It is available by wireless comfortably

          We can be easily connected in Bluetooth® and are available by wireless comfortably.

          We adopt 2.4GHz wireless

          We adopt 2.4GHz wireless and realize Communication Range up to about 10m.

          ※By surrounding, Communication Range may shorten.

          It carries trigger button

          Other than analog stick, it carries trigger button which it is easy to operate in shooting game.

          Dry cell type

          It is dry cell type which we can easily change in the case of running out of battery immediately.

          Power switch

          The body side includes power switch and can prevent consumption of battery in nonuse.

          State indicator lamp

          We are equipped with lamp telling the body surface about exchange time and pairing mode of battery.

          Each part name

          • ① Trigger button
          • ② Analog stick
          • ③ APP button
          • ④ HOME button
          • ⑤ Volume up button
          • ⑥ Volume down button
          • ⑦ State indicator lamp
          • ⑧ Power switch
          • ⑨ Battery cover
          • ⑩ Battery storing department
          • ⑪ Battery takeoff sheet


          The number of the buttons 6 buttons
          Vibration function None
          Blaze function None
          Analog stick 1
          Macro-function None
          Button placement change over function (remap function) None
          POV (hat Switch) None
          The number of the axes Analog stick: Twin (the X-axis, the Y-axis) motion sensor: 6 axes (gyro, acceleration)
          Supported devices: Android terminal corresponding to Bluetooth4.0 GATT profile, iOS terminal
          Supported OS After Android5.0 after iOS10
          Radio frequency: 2.4GHz zone
          Radio wave outreach: Up to about 10m ※It is test value in our environment and is not guarantee.
          Dimensions (the body) yakufuku 35.4 X depth 120.4 X 55.2mm in height
          Weight (the body) About 56 g (we do not include battery)
          Continuous operating: About 75 hours
          Power supply (the body) 4 single alkali dry cell, 4 single manganese dry cell, one of 4 single nickel metal hydride battery two
          Accessories: *1 copy of User manual, single 4 form alkaline battery *2 for operation check
          The body color < Black >
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          Compliant standard: Bluetooth 4.0 Class2/profile: GATT (Generic Attribute Profile)

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.