FM transmitter (φ 3.5mm mini-plug)

LAT-FMY01 series LAT-FMY01BK

By simple connection that we just place, we can enjoy music of smartphone tablet by car. The juteion mode deployment, FM transmitter of φ 3.5mm mini-plug connection type.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    LAT-FMY01BK 4953103311343
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    LAT-FMY01WH 4953103311350
    < White > Open price It is limited to stock

      Features of product

          FM transmitter to be able to enjoy music by car by simple connection that we just place in earphone Jack

          By simple connection that we just insert to earphone Jack of smartphone and tablet, it is FM transmitter to be able to enjoy music by car. As well as music, we can hear Audio of navigator application and video contents with FM car stereo.

          Transmit frequencies chooses among 4ch

          We can choose transmit frequencies among Channel Four of 88.1/88.3/88.5/88.7MHz.

          The last memory function

          It is equipped with the last memory function to store frequency and juteion*tei which we used last even if we cut engine.

          It supports 12/24 V car

          It supports 12/24 V car, and even large cars such as trucks do not use adapters and are just available in peace.

          Feeble radio equipment conformity product which acquired ELP mark

          It is feeble radio equipment conformity product which acquired ELP mark of JAAMA (national auto equipment industry society) issuance.

          The juteion mode deployment

          It is equipped with juteion mode and can enjoy powerful sound. juteion mode is ON/OFF possibility depending on preference.

          How to use

          Connection diagram


          Connector type: Voice inputting: φ 3.5mm mini-plug 
          Cable length About 100cm (outcrop)
          Weight : About 50 g
          Correspondence socket Dimensions φ 20.8mm - φ 22.0mm
          Term of a guarantee One year
          Connectable apparatus (audio in) Apparatus which can output Audio by connecting φ 3.5mm mini-plug
          Connectable apparatus (destination) Radio which can receive FM wave
          Transmit frequencies 88.1/88.3/88.5/88.7MHz
          Housing materials (color) < Black >
          Input Voltage DC12/24V
          Dimensions (fuku X D X H) About 41mm in width X 73mm in depth X 48mm in height () to remove housing part greatest dimension (protrusion)
          Laws and ordinances correspondence Feeble radio equipment
          Compliant standard: JAAMA authorization ELP mark acquisition product
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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