Type-C deployment UHDBD Portable Blu-ray


USB3.0 Portable BD drive of Type-C deployment UHDBD correspondence drive adoption. With reproduction, editing, note software. Even PC user mounted with Type-A port adds to Type-C cable to be usable and attaches two kinds of cables of Type-A cable as standard equipment. If reproduction software and PC, monitor cope with UHD BD regeneration, reproduction of UHDBD is possible. Matte-like Black lame-containing as for the box color of the body.

  • EU Rohs order conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
LBD-PVA6UCVBK 4580333573489
< Black > 17,740 yen (tax-excluded)
19,514 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
LBD-PVA6UCVRD 4580333584386
< Red > 17,740 yen (tax-excluded)
19,514 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
LBD-PVA6UCVSV 4580333584379
〈 Silver 〉 17,740 yen (tax-excluded)
19,514 yen (tax-included)
Under the release

    Features of product

    • AC Adapter for exclusive use of BD/DVD drive
    • What is USB Type-C?
    • USB Type-C connection product
    • USB Power Delivery supported product
    • Quick Charge-adaptive Charge-related product
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