Bluetooth (R) wireless headphones/FAST MUSIC(TM)

LBT-F10I series LBT-F10IWH

Simple design only for 1 button. Bluetooth (R) wireless headphones of FAST MUSIC(TM) label to be able to enjoy natural sound quality without semi-opening type dekomoriga of a feeling of wearing not to seal up.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    LBT-F10IBK 4549550112369
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    LBT-F10IBU 4549550112376
    〈 Blue 〉 Open price Under the release
    LBT-F10IPN 4549550112383
    〈 Pink 〉 Open price Under the release
    LBT-F10IRD 4549550112390
    < Red > Open price Under the release
    LBT-F10IWH 4549550112406
    < White > Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          Wireless headphones to be able to enjoy natural sound quality with semi-opening type

          It is Bluetooth® wireless headphones of FAST MUSIC™ label to be able to enjoy natural sound quality without semi-opening type dekomoriga. It is FAST MUSIC™ of entry label which is pretty, and can experience "unexpectedly good sound" on delightful colorful o theme casually.

          • LBT-F10IBK
            < Black >

          • LBT-F10IBU
            〈 Blue 〉

          • LBT-F10IPN
            〈 Pink 〉

          • LBT-F10IRD
            < Red >

          • LBT-F10IWH
            < White >

          Semi-open structure

          By semi-open structure that we made duct for in front and behind driver unit, we realize natural sound quality that does not have komorino. In addition, as we do not seal up, even long-time use does not have feeling of pressure and is reliable as we hear neighboring sounds.

          Large-diameter φ 13.6mm dynamic screwdriver

          We adopt large-diameter φ 13.6mm dynamic driver and revitalize good high-quality sound of balance from low level to high level.

          Silicone cover that a feeling of stable wearing is provided

          There is Silicone cover that we fit ear, and a feeling of stable wearing is provided. Silicone cover is available for putting on and taking off.

          With remote-control Microphone which we can operate comfortably at hand

          There is remote control which music reproduction/stop, incoming reply/shuhanashi can play comfortably. Not only we enjoy music, but also there is Microphone which can talk.

          Operation simple with 1 button

          By simple design only for 1 button, operation is easily possible. As it becomes pairing mode just to turn on power supply at the time of the first connection, it is the same and is connectable. We are automatically connected just to turn on power supply after the second.

          Continuous conversation time 4.5 hours, consecutive music reproduction 4 hours

          Continuous conversation time 4.5 hours, use of consecutive music reproduction 4 hours is possible in spite of being compact Dimensions and is most suitable for commuting and attending school.

          Available for battery residual quantity indication (iPhone)

          Battery residual quantity indication of headphones to iPhone screen is possible at the time of connection with iPhone.

          Connection to PC is possible, too

          Not only cell-phone and smartphone but also connection to PC is possible.

          Easy connection guide

          Easy connection guide which can easily set Bluetooth® headset in errand from QR cord of Manual mention in peace for the first time is confirmable.


          Communication method: Bluetooth standard norm Version5
          Output: Bluetooth Power Class2
          Maximum Communication Range Prospect about 10m
          Use frequency band 2.4GHz band
          Modulation technique FHSS (frequency hopping spectrum diffusion)
          Correspondence Bluetooth profile A2DP,AVRCP,HFP
          Correspondence codec of A2DP SBC
          Correspondence contents protection of A2DP ◯: SCMS-T method
          Maximum registration possibility number 1
          Multi-point (we wait at the same time) Non-compliant
          Reproduction frequency band (A2DP) 20-20,000Hz (at the time of 44.1kHz sampling)
          Continuous Play Time greatest time About 4.0 hours
          Continuous conversation time greatest time About 4.5 hours
          renzoku*juitodaijikan Up to about 90 time
          Power supply DC5V
          Charge time About two hours
          Microphone model Electret condenser type
          Dimensions (fuku X D X H) Remote-control part: About 13*10*70mm (we remove protrusion), headphones part (one ear): About 19*20*33mm (we do not include cord), the cable head: About 60cm
          Weight : About 13 g
          The body color < White >
          Term of a guarantee One year
          Accessories: USB charger cable, Silicone cover (the body wearing finished) one set, Manual
          Headphones model Semi-opening type
          Driver unit : 13.6mm full-range speaker
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.