Bluetooth (R) headphones FASTMUSIC(TM) "bund"


Color of minimal design unified in one obi which flowed and feel of a material that is delicate, and is Matte. Bluetooth (R) headphones "bund" (biand) of FASTMUSIC(TM) label wearing sound as fashion.



Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
LBT-HPC14MPBK 4953103373334
Smoked Black Open price Under the release
LBT-HPC14MPBU 4953103373341
Sax blue Open price Under the release
LBT-HPC14MPGN 4953103373358
Olive khaki Open price Under the release
LBT-HPC14MPPN 4953103373365
Shell pink Open price Under the release
LBT-HPC14MPRD 4953103373372
Frost red Open price Under the release
LBT-HPC14MPWH 4953103373389
Stone white Open price Under the release

    Features of product

        Bluetooth® headphones "bund" (biand) which wears sound as fashion

        Color of minimal design unified in one obi which flowed and feel of a material that is delicate, and is Matte. It is Bluetooth (R) headphones "bund" (biand) of FASTMUSIC(TM) label wearing sound as fashion.

        • LBT-HPC14MPBK
          <smoked Black>

        • LBT-HPC14MPBU
          <sax blue>

        • LBT-HPC14MPGN
          <olive khaki>

        • LBT-HPC14MPPN
          <shell pink>

        • LBT-HPC14MPRD
          <Frost red>

        • LBT-HPC14MPWH
          <stone white>

        Minimal geometric design

        We balance design that is high feeling of wearing and Aiko Nic with original Japanese yen in minimal geometric design which let line is simple, and it grapple together.

        Coloring that put delicate intermediate color together

        By coloring that puts two colors of delicate gray-like intermediate colors together, and was constructed, we can choose in favorite style in total.

        Symmetry design that balance is easy to take

        It is symmetry design that balance of right and left is easy to take without breaking up Bluetooth® communications department and battery part, and locating, and earphone cord deviating to one side.

        We adopt φ8mmETEM driver

        We adopt ETEM driver (ELECOM Torus External Magnet Driver) and titanium coat vibration board of φ 8mm and realize rich low level and a certain clear feeling high level.

        We adopt lightweight CCAW voice coil

        We improve response of vibration by adopting lightweight CCAW voice coil and realize clear sound quality with wider range.

        We adopt flat cord

        We take and mawashi is good and adopts flat cord which is hard to get twisted up.

        Continuous conversation time 6.5 hours, consecutive music reproduction six hours

        As for the consecutive music reproduction maximum, about 6.0 hours, Continuous conversation time is available for use of up to about 6.5 time in spite of being compact Dimensions, and even commuting attending school is reliable.

        With remote-control Microphone which we can operate comfortably at hand

        There is remote control which music reproduction/stop, incoming reply/shuhanashi can play comfortably.

        Simple design only for 1 button

        By simple design only for 1 button, operation is easily possible. As it becomes pairing mode just to turn on power supply at the time of the first connection, it is the same and is connectable. We are automatically connected just to turn on power supply after the second.

        We are working under chief in year when a feeling of fitting is available

        Ear cap is attached so that a feeling of fitting is available. 4 Dimensions which increased smaller XS Dimensions is attached to general S M, large size. In addition, by changing the internal and external hardness, ear chief raises improvement in sound quality and a feeling of fitting.

        D direction can regulate mounting location

        We employ ear chief that D direction can regulate mounting location and we raise sealing characteristics and improve low tone expression.

        Available for battery residual quantity indication (iPhone)

        Battery residual quantity indication of headphones to iPhone screen is possible at the time of connection with iPhone.


        Dimensions (fuku X D X H) Remote-control part: About 15*8*70mm (we remove protrusion) headphones part (one ear): About 13*25*23mm (we do not include cord) Cord length: About 65cm
        Weight : About 15 g
        Term of a guarantee One year
        Laws and ordinances correspondence TELEC, JATE
        Accessories: USB charger cable, ear cap (M finishes the body wearing XS,S,M,L) for each one set, Manual (with warranty)
        Communication method: Bluetooth standard norm Version4.2
        Output: Bluetooth Power Class2
        Maximum Communication Range Prospect about 10m
        Use frequency band 2.4GHz band
        Modulation technique FHSS (frequency hopping spectrum diffusion)
        Correspondence Bluetooth profile A2DP,AVRCP,HFP
        Correspondence codec of A2DP SBC
        Correspondence contents protection of A2DP ○: SCMS-T
        Maximum registration possibility number 1
        Multi-point (we wait at the same time) Non-compliant
        Continuous Play Time greatest time About 6.0 hours
        Continuous conversation time greatest time About 6.5 hours
        renzoku*juitodaijikan Up to about 120 time
        Power supply DC5V
        Charge time About two hours
        Driver unit : Sealing is dynamic
        Microphone model Electret condenser type
        Input terminal microUSB (for Charge)
        Best Operational Environment (temperature) 5 degrees Celsius - 35 degrees Celsius
        Best Operational Environment (Relative Humidity) 20% - 80% (but thing without dew condensation)
        The body color Stone white

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