Bluetooth monaural speaker

LBT-SPP20 series LBT-SPP20BK

A wireless speaker for smartphones Powerful juteion is reproduced by twin passive speaker adoption. As wiring is possible, we can use even player which is not equipped with Bluetooth.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    LBT-SPP20BK 4953103385214
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    LBT-SPP20BU 4953103385245
    〈 Blue 〉 Open price Under the release
    LBT-SPP20WH 4953103385221
    < White > Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          Bluetooth®4.0 compact design with power saving and high-quality sound

          It is a Bluetooth® monaural speaker with a compact design and the 3W output power available. Enjoy playing sounds by wireless connections with Bluetooth® supported devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and PCs.

          The compact & high-quality sound &3W output!

          Twin passive radiators for rich low-pitched sound reproduction

          Equipped with twin passive radiators. Realizing rich low-pitched sound. Amazing sound experience with multidimensional sound from monaural speaker.

          We can enjoy by sound with three-dimensional impression not to think of to be monaural speaker

          Copyright protection technology "SCMS-T" supported to enjoy 1seg audio wirelessly.

          SCMS-T supported to listen to 1seg audio. Because it supports copyright protection technology SCMS-T, you can enjoy 1seg audio wirelessly from music mobile phones supporting the same technology.
          ※It is necessary to correspond to A2DP profile to listen to music.

          It supports an application, "simple BT setting for Android" smartphones.

          It supports simple BT setting application for Android smartphones. Pairing setting is simply to follow guidelines. The application can be downloaded from Google play.
          ※It does not support smartphone after Android6.0.

          We prepare for application for exclusive use of Android smartphone

          Built-in lithium ion chargeable battery enables maximum 8 hours continuous play hours.

          The product is rechargeable with a built-in lithium polymer battery. It is easy to carry it around. At Continuous Play Time up to approximately eight time, I can enjoy favorite music in the outdoors and outdoor without the power supply for 連続待受最大約 120 hours.You can enjoy your favorite music outside without power supply as it has capacity of maximum 8 hours continuous play time and 20 hours standby time.

          We come by use casually in the outdoors and outdoor without power supply

          AUX input is also available for various usages.

          Because it is equipped with AUX connector (3.5 φ connection), connection by audio cable are also possible. Non-Bluetooth® devices can be connected.
          ※Please buy cable separately.

          Available for wiring (cable assembly is Sold separately)

          ■Supported devices:

          • Smartphones, mobile phones, PCs with Bluetooth® function


          Communication method: Bluetooth standard norm version4.0
          Output: Bluetooth power class2
          Maximum Communication Range Prospect about 10m
          Use frequency band 2.4GHz band
          Modulation technique FHSS (frequency hopping spectrum diffusion)
          Correspondence Bluetooth profile A2DP,AVRCP
          Correspondence codec of A2DP SBC
          Correspondence contents protection of A2DP SCMS-T method
          Transmission band (A2DP) 20-20,000Hz (at the time of 44.1kHz sampling)
          Maximum registration possibility number Eight
          Multi-point (we wait at the same time) Non-compliant
          NFC Non-compliant
          Model Airtight
          Output sound pressure level 87dB/W
          Driver unit : Full-range speaker φ 40mm X 1, passive radiator X 2
          Reproduction frequency band (A2DP) 100Hz - 20,000Hz
          Continuous Play Time greatest time About eight hours
          renzoku*juitodaijikan About 120 hours
          Power supply We feed from microUSB Charge, internal Charge pond
          Built-in battery Lithium polymer Charge pond
          Charge time About two hours
          Input terminal USB Micro-B X 1 (for Charge), φ 3.5mm stereo minijack X 1 (for Audio)
          Best Operational Environment (temperature) 5 degrees Celsius - 35 degrees Celsius
          Best Operational Environment (Relative Humidity) 20% - 80% (but thing without dew condensation)
          Storage environmental condition (temperature) -10 degrees Celsius - 50 degrees Celsius
          Storage environmental condition (Relative Humidity) 20% - 80% (but thing without dew condensation)
          Dimensions (fuku X D X H) 88.0*70.0*49.0mm (except protrusion)
          Weight : About 126 g
          The body color < Black >
          Term of a guarantee One year
          Laws and ordinances correspondence TELEC
          Compliant standard: BQB
          The green purchase method Inapplicable
          Accessories: USB charger cable (60cm), Manual (with warranty), Easy connection guide

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