Qi Charge-adaptive Bluetooth (R) perfection wireless stereo headphones


Case for Charge of pocket size supports Qi Charge which can charge wireless just to put. Bluetooth (R) perfection wireless stereo headphones of FAST MUSIC(TM) label to adopt Micro ETEM driver, and to be able to enjoy "unexpectedly good sound" in spite of being one side only 4 g and small size easily powerfully.


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      Features of product

          Complete wireless stereo headphones which are usable immediately just to take out of the Charge case

          As well as connection with player, it is Bluetooth® perfection wireless stereo headphones of FASTMUSIC™ label which cable joining right and left of headphones together just takes out of the Charge case by complete wireless which there is not, and is usable immediately. It is FASTMUSIC™ of entry label which is pretty, and can experience "unexpectedly good sound" on delightful colorful o theme easily.

          Small size, about 4 g of light weight

          We adopt only 4 g and slightly small headphones, and one side is attachable comfortably.

          Just take out of the case; automatic pairing

          We cope with automatic pairing that earphone of right and left leads to automatically as soon as we took out of the Charge case. Connection with smartphone just picks up earphone from case after the initial registration, too and automatically does pairing.

          MicroETEM driver

          We adopt gaijikata dynamic driver Micro "ETEMDriver(ELECOMTorusExternalMagnetDriver)" of φ 6.0mm and realize clear sound quality with wide range powerfully although being small.

          Direct contact mount structure

          We adopt DirectContactMount (direct contact mount) structure to install screwdriver in the tip of enclosure and send clear sound without cloudiness and distortion directly.

          Vibration board which adopted PET Film of 5.0 microns

          By adopting PET Film of only 5.0 microns to vibration board, reproduce good sound that we did lively of response.

          We reproduce real stereo image

          As headphones of right and left completely become independent, there is not crosstalk and reproduces real stereo image.

          Earplugs type to fit ear

          Sound insulation characteristics are high and can be attached by earplugs type to fit ear without minding disorder of hairstyle.

          We are working under chief in year when a feeling of fitting is available

          Gee, S M, large size is attached to cap so that a feeling of fitting is available.

          With Microphone which can talk

          Not only we enjoy music, but also there is Microphone which can talk.

          Charge case of pocket size is attached

          Compact Charge case is attached so as to be able to store in pocket. It can be charged by storing headphones.

          We correspond to Audio assistant

          We correspond to Audio assistants such as Siri and Google assistants. We can easily call Audio assistants such as smartphone in button grabbing of headphones and hang music by Audio operation, and volume control is possible.

          Up to about six time reproduction

          Headphones are available for consecutive music regeneration of about 2.0 hours in one Charge. We can charge about two times of headphones in full thing charging and can use Charge case in total for six hours.

          It supports Qi Charge

          Charge case supports Qi Charge although being compact, and wireless can charge case just to put in Qi Charge stand.

          ※Qi Charge stand is not attached to This product.

          Connection to PC is possible, too

          Not only cell-phone and smartphone but also connection to PC is possible.

          Available for battery residual quantity indication (iPhone)

          Battery residual quantity indication of headset to iPhone screen is possible at the time of connection with iPhone.

          Easy connection guide

          Easy connection guide which can easily set Bluetooth® headset in errand from QR cord of Manual mention in peace for the first time is confirmable.


          Communication method: Bluetooth standard norm Version4.2
          Output: Bluetooth Power Class2
          Maximum Communication Range Prospect about 10m
          Use frequency band 2.4GHz band
          Modulation technique FHSS (frequency hopping spectrum diffusion)
          Correspondence Bluetooth profile A2DP,AVRCP,HFP
          Correspondence codec of A2DP SBC
          Correspondence contents protection of A2DP X ※It is non-contents protection of SCMS-T method-compliant, but may hear Audio of one segment, full Segou depending on interconnect equipment. The details, please identify correspondence information.
          Maximum registration possibility number Eight
          Multi-point (we wait at the same time) Non-compliant
          Reproduction frequency band (A2DP) 20-20,000Hz
          Continuous Play Time greatest time About two hours (about two hours +2 time Charge = up to about six time)
          Continuous conversation time greatest time About two hours (about two hours +2 time Charge = up to about six time)
          renzoku*juitodaijikan ※If there is not the output of about ten minutes, operation and sound even if connection is in a state, it is electric power saving Specifications that power supply becomes off automatically. Please operate on this occasion after turning on power supply again.
          Power supply DC5V
          Charge time About 1.5 hours (Qi Charge about 2.5 hours)
          Microphone model Electret condenser type
          Dimensions (fuku X D X H) Charge case: About 45*36*39mm, headphones part (one ear): About 14*24*26mm
          Weight : Charge case: About 39 g, headphones part (one ear) about 4 g
          The body color < Black >
          Term of a guarantee One year
          Accessories: Charge case, USB charger cable, ear cap (M finishes the body wearing S,M,L) for each one set, Manual
          Headphones model Airtight
          Driver unit : 6mm full-range speaker
          Others It supports Qi Charge

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          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.