Portable DVD drive GY for Mac


Bus powered drive-response portable DVD drive for Mac. Design that we make the gray painting on housing top and bottom and are excellent at Apple product and affinity. Adopt 9.5mm super thin drive, 230 g only as for the weight. To use in Mac having USB Type-A, Type-C port; is attachment with two kinds of USB cables as standard equipment. It is not necessary to prepare Type-C Converter adapter and can be connected to Mac of all the old and the new with one cable. We meet request of Mac user to want to keep important data that rippingu wants to do musical piece for a long time from audiodisk to want to see DVD Video in Mac. Latest mac OS Mojave(10.14) correspondence.

  • EU Rohs order conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
LDR-PVB8U3MGY 4580333582559
Gray 6,400 yen (tax-excluded)
7,040 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
LDR-PVB8U3MSV 4580333582542
〈 Silver 〉 6,400 yen (tax-excluded)
7,040 yen (tax-included)
Under the release

    Features of product

    • AC Adapter for exclusive use of BD/DVD drive
    • What is USB Type-C?
    • USB Type-C connection product
    • USB Power Delivery supported product
    • Quick Charge-adaptive Charge-related product
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