Optional software VVAULT PRO for exclusive use of WINAS


Feature-complete version of virtual drive management tool "VVAULT Basic" of the WINAS standard deployment.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    LSV-OPSWVP-01 4580333551647
    We license for new purchase one year 38,800 yen (tax-excluded)
    42,680 yen (tax-included)
    Build-to-order manufacturing
    LSV-OPSWVP-E1 4580333551654
    We license for additional purchase one year 50,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    55,000 yen (tax-included)
    Build-to-order manufacturing
    LSV-OPSWVP-E2 4580333551661
    We license for additional purchase two years 95,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    104,500 yen (tax-included)
    Build-to-order manufacturing
    LSV-OPSWVP-E4 4580333551678
    We license for additional purchase four years 180,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    198,000 yen (tax-included)
    Build-to-order manufacturing
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    Features of product

        Virtual disk tool "VVAULT" which was carried in new model "LSV-5S4CW2" of Logitec NAS series as standard equipment. We can use Logitec NAS as more convenient storage by using this tool including "unification of the volume" "data shift from old NAS" "replication".

        For example, we want to consider backup of NAS oneself when we use NAS in file server. How you backed up large-capacity NAS was seductive point in such a case. Even in such a case we become able to build back-up system cheaply if we use "VVAULT". We see case backing up NAS of 8TB class for example here.

        When we introduce new NAS, shift of data of old NAS is seed of trouble. Problem such as not being able to do it by the use is over new NAS until backup is completed. However, access is possible for data of NAS which is old via new NAS if we use "VVAULT" if we make even setting first. Furthermore, shift of data completes as backup goes in background at the same time in new NAS even if we remain silent.

        Replication means that we make replica (reproduction). Data are written in at another NAS automatically when we write in data at one NAS. In this way, it is substitute of NAS where we just change setting of another NAS even if malfunction occurs in one NAS, and malfunction occurred. It is representative solution for BCP(Business Continue Plan).


        Client environment LSV-5S4R1S,LSV-5S4R1W,LSV-5S4CQS,LSV-5S4CQW,LSV-5S4CS2,LSV-5S4CW2,LSV-5S4MS,LSV-5S4MW,LSV-MS2MWG series
        Accessories: License sheet
        The other For Sale 923 pack LSV-OPSWVP-E1 924 pack LSV-OPSWVP-E2 926 pack LSV-OPSWVP-E4
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