Bluetooth (R) handy track ball


We realize the air operation that evolved by shape and button placement that we open mouse operation at desk and grasp and are crowded and are easy to operate. 10 button Bluetooth (R) handy track ball "Relacon" (rirakon) where we are relaxed, and there is PC, tablet operation


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      Features of product

          We realize relaxed PC, tablet operation

          We open mouse operation at desk and are wireless handy track ball "Relacon" realizing relaxed PC operation.

          Ultimate pointer flattery performance

          We adopt optics type sensor mounted with reflection type lens that is most suitable for smooth clear-coating side of track ball. Furthermore, by thorough optimization such as thickness of the color and coating layer of ball, quantity and particle size of silver powder, we realized ultimate pointer flattery characteristics.

          It is equipped with 10 buttons in total

          Of in addition to button which "advance, and returns" right and left button, wheel button Media control button is equipped with 10 buttons in total, and can assign favorite function to all buttons.

          Function allocation of button is modifiable using "ELECOM mouse assistant" which we can download free.

          > Downloading is this

          It is most suitable for the video seeing and hearing while we relax

          It is most suitable for the video seeing and hearing and browsing while we lean on chair while relaxing in sofa and bed.

          Support ball is large artificial ruby of 2.5mm in diameter

          A feeling of chastity ball improved by adopting large artificial ruby of 2.5mm in diameter to support ball. In addition, of support ball, by enlarging in diameter, support ball becomes hard to be buried among garbage such as dirt from the hands, and maintenance frequency decreases, too.

          The Media control button deployment

          It is equipped with Media control button which is convenient for the video seeing and hearing.

          Three phases of pen up speed of pointer

          We can change 500/1000 pen up speed of pointer with three phases of/1500 count.

          It is easy to grasp with both right and left and is easy to operate

          Handy type that it is easy to grasp with both right and left and is easy to operate. We locate right and left button and Media control button at the most suitable position to be easy to operate while grasping.

          We realize the comfortable video seeing and hearing

          Reproduction, stop, volume fluctuate, and they are available for truck operation. It is not necessary to operate mouse and keyboard on desk and realizes the comfortable video seeing and hearing.

          We meet Bluetooth®4.0 standard

          We meet Bluetooth®4.0 standard and can use to distance of about 3m on about 10m, magnetic body including steel desk with nonmagnetic material. (our investigation)

          Power switch

          The body side includes power switch and can prevent consumption of battery in nonuse.

          Battery residual quantity indicator lamp

          It is equipped with battery residual quantity indicator lamp to tell about exchange time of battery.

          Each part name


          Supported devices: The Windows OS corresponding to Bluetooth (R) 4.0 HOGP, the Macintosh OS-based machine
          Supported OS Windows 10, Windows RT8.1, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, macOS Mojave (10.14), Android after 6.0 ※Update to latest version of each OS and installation of service pack may be necessary.
          Compliant standard: Bluetooth 4.0 Class2/profile: HOGP (HID Over GATT Profile)
          Resolution: 500/1000/1500 count (change possibility)
          Communication method: FH-SS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum)
          Radio frequency: 2.4GHz band
          Radio wave outreach: When we use on magnetic body (desks of iron): When we use on 3m, nonmagnetic material (desks of tree): 10m ※*These values are based on our tests and are not for guaranteed performance.
          Reading method Optical sensor method
          Output optical beam type Non-visible wavelength area
          The number of the buttons Ten ※We include wheel button
          The number of the wheels 1
          Continuous operating: About 107 hours
          Continuous standby time: About 76 days
          Estimated battery life About 127 days ※When we assign 5% during 8-hour PC operation a day to mouse operation
          Power supply (the body) Any 2 of the following batteries: AAA alkaline dry cell battery, AAA manganese dry cell battery, AAA nickel hydride battery
          Color: < Black >
          Dimensions (Mouse:) 40.7mm in width X 111.5mm in depth X 56.6mm in height
          Dimensions classification Large size
          Weight (Mouse:) About 77 g ※We do not include battery
          Accessories: The exclusive stands X 1, AAA alkaline dry cell battery X 2 for operation check, User manual X 1
          Term of a guarantee Six months

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