Wireless track ball (thumb operation type)


We adopt large artificial ruby of 2.5mm in diameter to support ball. Wireless track ball of thumb operation type to realize pointer flattery characteristics that is equipped with reliable basic performance and unprecedented new feature, and developed.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    M-XT2DRBK 4953103473676
    9,400 yen (tax-excluded)
    10,340 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          Wireless track ball of thumb operation type that developed

          It is wireless track ball of thumb operation type that developed equipped with reliable basic performance and unprecedented new feature.

          It is realization for "expand feeling" that is new by design that paid its attention to six frames, muscles of the hand

          In operation, paid the attention to frame, muscle of six to contact of the hand, and shape of palm seemed to be just projected at all by design that considered hollow and swelling, is easy to operate; is new; "expand, and realize feeling".

          Is easy to use; "advance", "Back" button

          Give efficiency of Web page reading; "advance", and carry "Back" button. By invention of size, shape of button, it became easy to access more.

          It is equipped with sensor of gaming grade

          We put high-performance optics-type sensor of gaming grade on sensor detecting movement of track ball and realize distinguished pointer flattery characteristics by new high efficiency lens and optimization of neighboring optics designs.

          We adopt large artificial ruby to support ball

          By adopting large artificial ruby of 2.5mm in diameter to support ball, a feeling of chastity ball improves. Again of support ball, by enlarging in diameter, support ball becomes hard to be buried among garbage such as dirt from the hands, and maintenance frequency decreases.

          The slowdown button deployment

          While we push Switch, it is equipped with slowdown button becoming slow in pen up speed of pointer. When it is small and clicks place that it is hard to merge, it can travel pointer without unreasonableness smoothly.

          Pen up speed of pointer is changed

          Speed alteration switch that can change 1500/750 pen up speed of pointer to two phases of count is paid.

          It is equipped with tilt wheel

          It is equipped with tilt wheel which can scroll from side to side just to tip wheel. It is convenient for operation of screen which is long beside Excel.

          Switch adoption made in reliable OMRON company

          It possesses high reliability and, on button and slowdown button of right and left, adopts Switch made in OMRON company with reputation in a feeling of click in the durability.

          Easy design of maintenance

          We can easily remove ball from hole of the back side and are design that is easy to maintain ball and internal ball tray.

          Function allocation of button is made

          Function allocation of button is modifiable using "ELECOM mouse assistant" which we can download free.

          ≫Downloading is this

          ※It does not support Windows RT.

          Microreceiver adoption of a 1 yen coin Dimensions

          Radio system adopts 2.4GHz band and is available in the range of about 3m on about 10m, magnetic body including steel desk with nonmagnetic material. (our investigation) adopt microreceiver of a portable 1 yen coin Dimensions without being interested even if is connected to Universal Serial Bus port of note PC with putting on.

          We can store receiver in Mouse:

          As we can store receiver in Mouse:, it is convenient for carrying around and reduces worry to lose receiver.

          We can prevent consumption of battery in nonuse.

          There is power switch on the back of the body and can prevent consumption of battery in nonuse.

          The battery residual quantity indicator lamp deployment

          It is equipped with battery residual quantity indicator lamp to tell about exchange time of battery.


          Interface: USB
          Connector type: USB (A) male
          Supported devices: Windows PC, Macintosh equipped with USB Interface
          Supported OS Windows 10, Windows RT8.1, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Macintosh OS X 10.10 ※Update to latest version of each OS and installation of service pack may be necessary. ※We cannot use horizontal scrolling function in Windows RT8.1.
          Resolution: 750/1500 count (change possibility)
          Communication method: GFSK method
          Radio frequency: 2.4GHz band
          Radio wave outreach: When we use on magnetic body (desks of iron): When we use on 3m, nonmagnetic material (desks of tree): 10m
          Reading method Optical sensor method
          Output optical beam type Non-visible wavelength area
          The number of the buttons Five ※We include wheel button
          The number of the wheels 1
          Horizontal scrolling function
          Receiver storing
          Continuous operating: Low energy mode: About 125 hours, High Speed Mode: About 76 hours
          Continuous standby time: Low energy mode: About 694 days, High Speed Mode: About 694 days
          Estimated battery life Low energy mode: About 273 days, High Speed Mode: About 176 days ※When we assign 5% during 8-hour PC operation a day to mouse operation
          Power supply (the body) AA alkali dry cell, AA manganese dry cell, either one of the AA nickel-metal hydride rechargeable.
          Voltage rating (the body) 1.5V
          Color: < Black >
          Dimensions (Mouse:) 94.7mm in width X 124.4mm in depth X 47.9mm in height
          Dimensions classification Large size
          Weight (Mouse:) About 128 g ※We do not include battery
          Dimensions (receiver) 13.1mm in width X 18.2mm in depth X 5.0mm in height
          Weight (receiver) About 2 g
          Accessories: AA alkali dry cell X 1 for operation check, User manual X 1
          Term of a guarantee Six months

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • While we have you use, something like white powder may emerge to rubber part of mouse by sweat and oil. You do care diligently, and please use.
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.