SDHC memory card with security software "IKARUS" (Icarus)

MF-FSU11IKA series MF-FS032GU11IKA

SDHC memory card with license of security software "IKARUS" (Icarus) which is useful for leaking of private information prevention.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    MF-FS032GU11IKA 4953103366336
    32GB Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          We are belonging to security software "IKARUS"

          It is SDHC memory card with version license for one year of security software "IKARUS" (Icarus) protecting PC from various viruses.

          "IKARUS" continuously monitors

          Security software "IKARUS" (Icarus) continuously monitors software which there is malice and gets rid isolation/.

          "IKARUS" updates information for each 4 hours

          Security software "IKARUS" (Icarus) updates the latest virus measures information for each 4 hours.

          Suspicious file transmits to "IKARUS"

          Virus and suspicious file transmit to "IKARUS" (Icarus) and are inspected immediately.

          It supports "Class1" "V10" "class10"

          We cope with "Class1"/video speed class V10 of UHS-I/UHS speed class which is high-speed interface standard and "class10" of SD speed class guaranteeing minimum speed at the time of the reading and writing.

          We show performance in UHS-I Supported Devices

          When we use in UHS-I non-Supported Devices, it supports "class10" of SD speed class. We show original performance by using in Supported Devices.

          It is equipped with copyright protection function

          It is equipped with copyright protection function that adopted CPRM technology.

          Term of a guarantee "one year"

          As we are doing term of a guarantee with "one year", it is available in peace.


          Memory standard SDHC
          Speed class Class10,UHS-I,U1,V10
          Interface: SD
          Memory capacity 32GB
          The minimum guarantee speed 10MB/s
          Dimensions: 24.0mm in width X 2.1mm in depth X 32.0mm in height
          Weight About 2.0 g
          Term of a guarantee One year (we include IKARUS license)
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.