microSDXC memory card (UHS-I correspondence)

MF-MSU11R_XC series MF-MS256GU11R

We restore by data even at the time of emergency free of charge! It is microSDXC memory card which data restoration service is available to in limit free once within term of a guarantee of one year.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    MF-MS064GU11R 4953103320130
    64GB Open price Under the release
    MF-MS128GU11R 4953103320154
    128GB Open price Under the release
    MF-MS256GU11R 4549550149594
    256GB Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          Data restoration service SDXC Memory Card belonging to

          We can use data restoration service in limit, free once during term of a guarantee of one year.
          The use, terms of data restoration service and application method are https://www.logitec.co.jp/elecomsp/

          ※We do not promise that all data completely restore, and, as for the data restoration service, we cannot necessarily take responsibility about the data damage by product state.

          ※About Specifications of This product, please confirm the lower this page Specifications.
          ※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

          "Class1" of UHS-I/UHS speed class

          It is microSD card corresponding to "Class1" of UHS-I/UHS speed class which is high-speed interface standard and "class10" of SD speed class guaranteeing minimum speed at the time of the reading and writing.

          We realize high-speed data transfer

          It is microSD memory card realizing high-speed data transfer of reading up to 70MB/s.
          When we use in UHS-I non-Supported Devices, it supports "class10" of SD speed class. We show original performance by using in Supported Devices.

          ※The biggest transfer speed is actual value by our environment and does not guarantee in all environment.

          It is most suitable for use in smartphone or tablet

          It is most suitable for use in smartphone or tablet.

          The copyright protection function deployment

          It is equipped with copyright protection function that adopted CPRM technology.

          JIS waterproofing protection class 7

          According to "JIS waterproofing protection class 7(IPX7)", it is waterproofing Specifications of relief even if we get wet with water for at the time of exchange of memory card carelessly. ※Converter adapter is not waterproofing.


          Memory standard microSDXC
          Speed class Class10,UHS-I,U1
          Interface: microSD
          Memory capacity 256GB
          Maximum transfer speed Reading: 70MB/s
          The minimum guarantee speed 10MB/s
          Dimensions: 15.0mm in width X 11.0mm in height X 1.0mm in depth
          Weight About 0.4 g
          Term of a guarantee One year (we include data restoration service)
          Accessories: SD Converter adapter X 1
          Others In "JIS waterproofing protection class 7" (IPX7) only as for conformity (※) body

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.