Mobile USB tap (cable 0.6m/two shares +4 port)

MOT-U11-24 series MOT-U11-2406WH

Smartphone charges PC in one of this, too. Mobile USB tap of cable type that four Universal Serial Bus ports were united with two AC outlets.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    MOT-U11-2406WH 4549550117326
    0.6m: < White > 4,770 yen (tax-excluded)
    5,247 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release
    MOT-U11-2415WH 4549550117333
    1.5m: < White > 5,130 yen (tax-excluded)
    5,643 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          Mobile USB tap that four Universal Serial Bus ports were united with two AC outlets

          It is Mobile USB tap that four Universal Serial Bus ports were united with two AC outlets. We can charge PC and smartphone, tablet at the same time.

          Cable type of 0.6m in length

          It is cable type of 0.6m in length that we can charge at place away from outlet.

          The output of 4 ports total up to 3.4A is possible

          4 ports are equipped with Universal Serial Bus port and can charge smartphone four at the same time. The output of 4 ports total up to 3.4A is possible.

          We entrust you and charge

          High efficiency IC which we put on Universal Serial Bus port automatically distinguishes interconnect equipment and it is fastest and copes with "Charge to leave" which we can charge by the most suitable output.

          180 degrees swing plug

          We adopt 180 degrees swing plug which is easy to wire at small place.

          Dust prevention shutter

          We equip AC outlet with "dust prevention shutter" preventing invasion of dust in mint condition.

          Urea resin dual structure

          In AC outlet, in the case of fever of emergency, it is hard to melt and uses heat-resistant, superior urea resin which is effective for prevention of electric fire.

          Tracking prevention plug

          The insulation chief holds the root of AC plug and is useful for prevention of fire by tracking phenomenon.

          Plug for power supply of 2 pins type

          We adopt plug for power supply of 2 pins type.

          Longer life design to be usable for ten years

          We realize longer life design to be usable in USB live part for ten years.

          ※It is life in electric design and does not just guarantee life expectancy of product.

          Each part name

          ※We do not bundle various cables necessary for Charge. You buy separately, and please use.


          Supported devices: Smartphone which is charged from iPhone and USB terminal
          Connector type: USB A female X 4
          Rated input power Voltage AC100V 50/60 Hz,
          Rated output Voltage AC 100V/DC 5V
          Rated output electric current Total up to 3.4A(1 port up to 2.4A)
          Term of a guarantee One year
          The body outlet shape 2 pins
          The body outlet number Two mouths
          Plug Specifications 2 pin swing plugs
          3 pins → 2 pin Converter adapter attachment X
          Cord length: 0.6m
          Rating The USB side: The 3.4A(1 port up to 2.4A) AC side in total maximum 5V/: 125V 15A 1,500W
          Switch X
          Thunder guard X
          Dust shutter
          Plug with the insulation cap
          Outlet cap is attached X
          Electricity indicator lamp X
          We blow on double cover
          Retaining function X
          Swing plug
          Magnet X
          Hook for wall hangings X
          Noise filter X
          With modular jack X
          Color: < White >
          Materials: The body: ABS resin, outlet: Urea resin
          Dimensions: 35mm in width X 148mm in depth X 29mm in height ※We remove cord part and plug part
          Weight : About 185 g
          Available area As This product assumes power supply in Japan and is designed, it is not available out of Japan.
          The electrical equipment security method PSE conformity
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.