CORDURA(R) mouse pad

MP-CD01 series MP-CD01BK

We adopt CORDURA(R) cloth superior in the durability. CORDURA(R) mouse pad which realizes mouse operation that is superior in operability of mouse to slip, and to stop, and is delicate.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    MP-CD01BK 4549550119115
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    MP-CD01GY 4549550119122
    Gray Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          High durability, mouse pad which adopted high-strength CORDURA® cloth

          We are worn and tear up and are strong to wear out and are CORDURA® mouse pad which adopted high durability, high-strength CORDURA® cloth.

          Pointer is hard to fly

          Pointer is hard to fly by irregularities of the cloth surface and is suitable for careful work.

          Comfortable mouse operation is possible

          Mouse does not glide in surface too much, and there is a feeling of moderate grip, and comfortable mouse operation is possible.

          It is for length and can use even sideways-facing

          It is simple design which it is for length in total, and even sideways-facing can use in range/direction of mouse operation.

          Large Dimensions which is easy to do mouse operation

          It is large and coordinates Dimensions to be easy to make mouse operation.

          ※Our Other conventional products MP-112 series area ratio 1.5 times

          It is hard to slip off, and stable operation is possible

          We adopt rubber material on the back side and are hard to be even if we strongly move mouse, and stable operation is possible.

          It supports mouse of all reading formats

          It supports BlueLED mouse, laser mouse, mouse of all reading formats including optical mouse.

          ※We may not work by Specifications and solid differences and mouse normally partly.


          List rest presence type None
          Materials: front surface: Polyester, the back side: Rubber
          The body color < Black >
          Dimensions: fuku 180 X depth 230 X thickness 5.5mm
          Weight 118 g
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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