Antivirus (Anti-microbial) mouse pad (large size)


We show 99.99% of antiviruses, (Anti-microbial) performance. Mouse pad antibacterial by power of the latest photocatalyst virus, bacteria and fighting antivirus


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    MP-VRLBK 4953103473850
    < Black > 2,460 yen (tax-excluded)
    2,706 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

          (Anti-microbial) mouse pad

          It is virus, bacteria and fighting antivirus, (Anti-microbial) mouse pad by power of photocatalyst.

          99.99% of antivirus performance, (Anti-microbial) performance

          As a result of examination in third-party organization, 99.99% of antivirus performance, (Anti-microbial) performance were recognized.

          "Pure coat (R)MV" adoption

          We adopt latest coating technical "pure coat (R)MV" developed for mouse pad.

          Effect that is enough under the indoor environment

          We show effect that even indoor environment bottoms (fluorescent lamp and LED) are enough for.

          It is most suitable for hospital, school

          It is mouse pad which is most suitable for use at hospital, school.

          Non-slip material is used by the back side

          On the back of the mouse pad, we use non-slip material with high adsorption power to prevent gap of mouse pad (sofupiru).

          We cope with all reading formats

          It supports BlueLED mouse, laser mouse, mouse of all reading formats including optical mouse.

          ※We may not work by Specifications and solid differences and mouse normally partly.


          Dimensions Vertical 220 X side 180 X thickness 0.5mm
          Materials: PET
          Color: < Black >
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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