Business card paper (sokusetsu clear-cut ivory)


Edge that we can divide in shinseihosokusetsu clear-cut neatly quickly, and perforation cries is business card paper of sokusetsu clear-cut type to be finished neatly.

  • Color correspondence
  • Dye correspondence
  • Laser beam printer
  • Copier
  • Handwriting


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
MT-JMKN2IVN 4953103308794
Ivory: 120 pieces (ten X 12 sheet) 1,280 yen (tax-excluded)
1,408 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
MT-JMKN2IVNZ 4953103308800
Ivory: 250 pieces (ten X 25 sheet) 2,100 yen (tax-excluded)
2,310 yen (tax-included)
Under the release

    Features of product

    sokusetsu clear-cut type

    It is business card paper of sokusetsu clear-cut type that edge that perforation cries is finished neatly.

    Full-scale print is possible with both sides

    In sokusetsu clear-cut of the new manufacturing method, there is not extra mount, and full-scale print is possible with both sides.

    Multi-typing paper

    Even ink-jet/laser beam printer/copier is paper of multi-type that we can use.

    The paste remainder compromise, and curve does not happen

    Is easy to cut, the paste remainder compromise, and curve does not happen.

    Duplex printing is possible, too

    Duplex printing is possible, too.

    With test print paper

    Having gap or not of print and one piece of test print paper which can check the finish beforehand are on.

    High-quality Atsushi mouth type

    There is thickness that we did well and is high-quality Atsushi mouth type.

    Ivorytype of soft impression

    It is ivorytype finished in soft impression.

    How to make assent business cards

    • It supports free label making software "easy print 2.0"

      Label and card can form the perception tongue neatly if we use easy printing!
      Easy printing is free!

      "ELECOM easy print 2.0" is label making software for exclusive use of ELECOM paper-products to be able to enjoy the making of original label card by simple operation.
      As it is available right now free, even person who does not have label making software can enjoy the making of label card immediately.
      Abundant material and convenient function are full loading. Please inflect for the making of original goods!
      The use of label making software "ELECOM easy print 2.0" from this


    Paper size 210mm in width X 297mm in height (A4 Dimensions)
    One side Dimensions 91mm *55mm
    Sheet count: 120 pieces (ten X 12 sheet)
    Paper type Multi-printing paper
    Color: Ivory
    Duplex printing Both sides correspondence
    Paper thickness 0.245mm
    Basis weight 230 g/m2
    Printable printer type Ink-jet/laser/copier correspondence
    Corresponding ink Color, dye
    Test print paper One piece of test print paper case
    No. you are looking for A81
    • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.