2 bay Linux deployment NAS2TB


LinuxNAS of entry model for corporations which are usable until Small office and branch server, server backup easily. It supports RAID1, and access to data is possible even if one HDD breaks down.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    NSB-3MS2T2BLV 4953103471740
    2TB(1TBx2) 30,960 yen (tax-excluded)
    34,056 yen (tax-included)
    The end of the sale
    NSB-3MS4T2BLV 4953103471757
    4TB(2TBx2) 40,050 yen (tax-excluded)
    44,055 yen (tax-included)
    The end of the sale
    NSB-3MS6T2BLV 4953103471764
    6TB(3TBx2) 53,100 yen (tax-excluded)
    58,410 yen (tax-included)
    The end of the sale
    NSB-3MS8T2BLV 4953103471771
    8TB(4TBx2) 67,230 yen (tax-excluded)
    73,953 yen (tax-included)
    The end of the sale

      Features of product

      Linux deployment 2BayNAS (Network Attached Storage) NSR-6S series

      Simultaneous access is possible from 15 PC most suitable for small office (recommended environment: 20 scales)

      Simultaneous access is possible from 15 PC.
      It is Specifications suitable for small office and section office.
      It is most suitable for office of around 20 people.

      It supports 0/1 selectable RAID depending on the use scene

      RAID1 mode can follow data at the time of HDD trouble to write in the same data at plural HDDs at the same time. RAID0 mode focuses on rapidity of the data reading and writing. We can choose mode to the use.

      RAID 0 Highway transfer (striping)
      We write in consecutive data at two hard disks separately. The reading and writing of data becomes high-speed to have note, read-in of divided data at the same time. Capacity of hard D is total price of two hard disks, but there is father demerit that restoration of data is difficult when hard disk using breaks down with one unit.

      RAID 1 trust characteristics improve (mirroring)
      We write in the same data at two hard disks. Even if one hardware disc data is damaged, reliability improves by another one as restoration is possible. One available hardware disk capacity becomes minute to hold the same data in two.

      We can make prevention-response joint ownership folder of unauthorized access into nonindicating

      We can prevent access from general user because it can prevent list of joint ownership folders from displaying when we opened NAS by Explorer.

      We set authorization to security enhancement subfolder in access right control

      On access right setting of joint ownership folder, we can set access right separately in subfolder where is lower than joint ownership folder. (there is not limit of hierarchy)
      Unlike general LinuxOS deployment NAS which must make joint ownership folder for each different access right, flexible, plain access right setting is possible.

      The same period, backup is always possible by data in correspondence NAS for various backup

      Backup between NAS between NSB-3MS/3NR series by replication function is possible. We are reliable because we can suppress disappearance of data in minimum at the time of emergency.

      It is usable for server backup

      We can appoint from various backup software as destination because backup for PC is soft and corresponds to backup software for server. Backup of Mac is possible because it supports TimeMachine.

      ※Please use backup software for/various servers for PC for backup.
      We do not cope with Windows Backup function of correspondence WindowsOS standard.
      Have been checked the operation; backup software is>

      The replication function deployment

      Data restoration by history differential backup is possible

      In cases that by setting history differential backup, have deleted, for example, important file by mistake, we can return to state before that.
      ※History differential backup backs up in schedule for USB hard disk.

      The HDD "WD RED" for reliability NAS of the highest peak deployment

      The HDD "WD RED" for AS deploymentIt carries WD original NASware. We reduce electricity consumption, fever and raise stability of RAID by high-performance error recovery control feature.
      Furthermore, data prevent what is lost by the sudden electricity loss, and the one for desktop is HDD with reliability high beyond comparison.

      It supports UPS at the time of restoration at the time of trouble and plural introduction

      By connecting NSB-3MS2BLV series and UPS with USB cable for communication, shut down by abnormal notice from UPS in at the time of the power failure safely and protect This product from obstacle by unexpected blackout. In addition, shut down is possible by monitoring system of remote UPS via Network safely when we connect power supply of plural NSB-3MS2BLV series to one UPS.

      UPS correspondence

      • ① Shut down order from UPS
        We send order of shut down to This product which connected with UPS by USB at the time of blackout.
      • ② We shut down in other NAS in Network and order
        We receive order from UPS, and the first unit This product gives shut down order in plural NSB-3MS2BLV series in Network.
      • ③ Shut down completion
        All NSB-3MS2BLV series is shut down from one UPS safely by given shut down order.

      Support thoroughly reliable the industry No. 1

      1. Homepage

      eresapo We inform of common inquiry, correspondence information, Manual on the Internet.

      2. Support dial

      Technique, consultation charges are unnecessary. It is service to be available only with (navigator dial) common throughout the whole country. We will cope with trouble of customer thoroughly!

      3. We see NAS

      By the new use registration, cloud type NAS state management service can use "we see NAS" free.

      Three years guarantee of relief to prevent useless expense outbreak

      We offer guarantee for three years in order to reduce expense burden on customer in case of emergency. For long term, even SOHO and company use are available in peace.

      ※Guarantee relates to function of product which customer purchased for three years and does not guarantee about disappearance of data stored in hard disk or damage.

      Abundant function that, in addition, there is including S.M.A.R.T function

      S.M.A.R.T. function

      S.M.A.R.T. function S.M.A.R.T. is function to self-diagnose the situation of hard disk. Because accumulation operating time and current temperature of hard disk, error information which occurred so far are displayed, it is in indication to predict life of hard disk.

      The anti-theft security slot deployment

      SSH protocol correspondence You are equipped with security slot putting on the back of This product, and attach security goods sold separately, We prevent theft of apparatus by fixing to racks.


      □Software specification
      Transfer protocol TCP/IP (IPv4)
      File protocol HTTP/HTTS, FTP, CIFS/SMB (we support only ※ SMBv1), AFP
      Client setting The greatest user: 300
      The greatest group: 300
      IP address setting The automatic acquisition (DHCP client function)
      Hand-operated connection
      HDD constitution It supports 0/1 RAID
      Backup It supports replication,
      It supports schedule backup,
      TimeMachine correspondence
      Correspondence browser Internet Explorer after 11, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
      □HDD Specifications
      Interface SATA II
      Number of revolutions 5400RPM
      Drive constitution NSB-3MS2T2BLV : 2TB (WDRED 1TB *2)
      NSB-3MS4T2BLV : 4TB (WDRED 2TB *2)
      NSB-3MS6T2BLV : 6TB (WDRED 3TB *2)
      NSB-3MS8T2BLV : 8TB (WDRED 4TB *2)
      Buffer Dimensions 64MB
      Form factor 3.5inch
      □Hardware Specifications
      Correspondence spare drive It is impossible of exchange
      Correspondence LAN standard 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
      External interface RJ-45 X 1 (Auto-MDIX correspondence) ※INTERNET port
      USB 2.0 X 2 (for UPS/backup connection)
      Button The power button, FUNCTION button, DISPLAY button, reset button
      Dimensions: W124 X D200.5 X H90.5mm (except protrusion)
      Weight : About 2.1 kg
      Power consumption NSB-3MS2T2BLV (2TB): About 15.4W
      NSB-3MS4T2BLV (4TB): About 16.1W
      NSB-3MS6T2BLV (6TB): About 16.7W
      NSB-3MS8T2BLV (8TB): About 18.9W
      Use environment Temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius,
      Humidity: 20 - 80%R.H. (thing without dew condensation)
      Various acquisition standards VCCI (classB)
      Term of a guarantee Three years
      Accessories: Please read before AC adapter, AC power cable (about 1.8m) one, LAN cable about 1.5m1 book, CD-ROM, use for setting; one piece, setup guide (connection) one piece,

      ※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.

      Each part name

      Each part name

      • ①Liquid crystal display
      • ②Display change over button
      • ③Function button (we do not use)
      • ④INFO lamp
      • ⑤ERROR lamp
      • ⑥HDD lamp
      • ⑦The power button
      • ⑧CONSOLE port (we do not use)
      • ⑨LAN port (we do not use)
      • ⑩INTERNET port
        ※We connect This product and Network (LAN).
      • ⑪USB 2.0 port
      • ⑫Power supply connector

      The correspondence OS (PC)

      ※After Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 SP2
      ※After Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 SP2
      ※After Windows7 SP1
      ※After Windows Vista SP2
      ※After Windows XP SP3
      ※Version after Windows10 FallCreatorsUpdate comes to exclude correspondence.

      ・Access to joint ownership folder which we made on the This product, bundled softwareware,
      It is correspondence only for setting window operation by the OS standard Web browser,
      Other functions become out of support object.

      ・This product does not support Windows Bakup function of correspondence WindowsOS standard.
      Please use backup software for/various servers for PC for backup.
      Please refer to the following for backup software which has been checked the operation of.

      Have been checked the operation; list of backup software is>

      Supported Devices:

      • DOS/V (OADG Specifications)
      • Apple Mac series
        ※Model which carried correspondence LAN Interface


      Product structure (Contents)

      Product structure

      • ●The body
      • ●LAN cable (about 1.5m)
      • ●AC adapter
      • ●AC cable (about 1.8m)
      • ●CD-ROM for setting
      • ●Please read before use; one piece
      • ●One piece of setup guide (connection)