2 bay WSIoT2019forStorage deployment NAS2TB

NSB-7MS2DS9 series NSB-7MS2T2DS9

It is 2 bay desktop NAS of the Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage Standard Edition deployment. Affinity is very high in Active Directory and is most suitable for use in Windows environment. It is equipped with two HDDs of 1TB and supports RAID1 (mirror). By hybrid service utilization in Azure, we offer "data custody" and "flexible system shift". In addition, we reduce administrative task in "Windows Admin Center" and "system INSIGHT" and realize effective data storage by "the NTFS overlap removal" (only as for ※ Standard Edition deployment model).

  • EU Rohs order conformity product
  • The green purchase method conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
NSB-7MS2T2DS9 4549550150224
2TB(1TBx2 stand) 183,000 yen (tax-excluded)
201,300 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
NSB-7MS4T2DS9 4549550150248
4TB(2TBx2 stand) 195,000 yen (tax-excluded)
214,500 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
NSB-7MS6T2DS9 4549550150262
6TB(3TBx2 stand) 215,000 yen (tax-excluded)
236,500 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
NSB-7MS8T2DS9 4549550150279
8TB(4TBx2 stand) 230,000 yen (tax-excluded)
253,000 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
NSB-7MS12T2DS9 4549550150200
12TB(6TBx2 stand) 290,000 yen (tax-excluded)
319,000 yen (tax-included)
Under the release

    Features of product

    It is cloud by use of on-premises NAS +Azure cooperation We realize use of high Bullitt
    Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage

    We utilize hybrid service that Azure provides, and Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage provides "data custody" and "flexible system shift" in user. In addition, we cope with "NTFS overlap destruction" to realize data storage that "Windows Admin Center" and "system INSIGHT" reducing administrative task are effective.

    • ※1. On use of function, Azure Storage contract corresponding to Azure Sync is necessary separately. In addition, we would like prior installation (for free) of Azure Sync to Windows NAS.
    • ※2. The function has installation (for free) of Windows Admin Center and uses.
    • ※3. As for the NTFS overlap removal, only Standard Edition-based model is correspondence.

    We synchronize with on-premises in the relevant file of cloud automatically Azure File Sync cooperation

    Using "Azure File Sync ", we can synchronize with Azure with file on WindowsNAS. When the synchronization relevant file in WindowsNAS in the company and Azure is updated, contents are reflected automatically.

    ※Azure Storage account contract having File Sharing function is necessary.

    File data shift of current server more easily Storage Migration Service correspondence

    We can transfer file data of current server than GUI screen by using "Storage Migration Service". As server name/IP dress change is possible other than ACL transfer, seamless data shift without affecting user and the use application is possible.

    Storage shift images from conventional Windows server to new Windows NAS

    Various functions and obstacle predictions that can be operated by WEB browser Windows Admin Center management function/system INSIGHT

    Windows Admin Center main management function

    Windows Admin Center installs Windows Admin Center in server corresponding to the operation OS or PC with Web-based management tool.

    Reboot/shut down of NAS

    NAS operation information acquisition

    Graph indication of resource


    Windows Admin Center operation environment (as of 2020/2 month)
    Correspondence browser
    • Edge
    • Chrome

    ※"IE" is non-compliant.

    Operation environment
    • Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage
    • Windows Server2019
    • Windows Server2016
    • Windows10 (after Ver.1709)
    It is targeted for management
    • Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage
    • Windows Server2019
    • Windows Server2016
    • Windows Serverr2012R2 ※1:
    • Windows Server2008R2 ※1: ※2:
    • Windows10 (after Ver.1709)
    • ※1. When we manage WindowsServer2012R2/2008R2 in Windows Admin Center, it is necessary to be Windows Management Framework version 5.1 or more.
    • ※2. Windows2008R2 has management function restrictions.

    System INSIGHT function

    The acquisition of obstacle prediction analytical information based on CPU utilization or storage consumption prediction is possible. System INSIGHT function has installation (for free) of Windows Admin Center and uses.

    Data save capacity improves NTFS overlap removal function (only as for Standard Edition deployment model)

    In Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage Standard Edition, redundant data is deleted by multi-thread processing and NTFS overlap removal function with large-capacity support, and data save capacity improves. In this way, we can anticipate performance gain.

    Overlap removal image

    [main effect of the overlap removal]
    • When similar files are huge
    • When plural similar VM guests are running
    • When backup of the kind of day saves and is crowded

    Multi-thread processing

    Large-capacity support

    • Support of large-capacity volume
      We improve from 10TB to up to 64TB
    • Support of big file size
      It is possible to up to 1TB

    It is most suitable for middle scale office Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage
    The Standard Edition deployment

    Windows application for Server

    This product carries product made in Microsoft Corporation latest server OS, "Windows®Server IoT 2019 for Storage".

    50 Standard Edition deployment concurrent connection, high-performance model who realizes large-capacity data access

    Simultaneous access is possible from 50 PC. Assumption number of people is with 150 people and is Specifications suitable for office and section office of middle scale. The number of the users who can register is unlimited theoretically. As client access license does not need (CAL), in the case of this model, user enrollment becomes saying "it is unlimited", and introduction cost is held down in the large scale network. When the number of the total users accessing NAS exceeds 50, please purchase NAS of this Standard Edition deployment.

    High affinity with Windows client. It supports native in Active Directory.

    Affinity with network environment of Windows is very high and realizes operability that is the same as Windows client. As we make native correspondence in ActiveDirectory, it supports uniform management of Windows user, and manager load reduction is possible.

    Installation of correspondence application is possible

    Installation of Windows application of the companies for Server is possible. You install application necessary for storage management and, including virus measures software and backup software, UPS management software, can use.

    It supports 1/0 selectable RAID depending on the use scene

    It is equipped with RAID function, and "RAID 0" is configurable with two kinds of "RAID 1".

    RAID1 mode writes in the same data at plural HDDs at the same time. In this way, one HDD can follow data at the time of trouble.
    RAID0 mode focuses on rapidity of the data reading and writing. We can choose mode to the use.

    Safe convenient user/access/data management safely controllable as for Active Directory-adaptive large-scale access relief

    In correspondence with Active Directory, large-scale user group access control is possible.

    As Windows Server OS is put on This product, participation in ActiveDirectory is possible for native. It is not necessary for management of user to set in This product by ActiveDirectory correspondence individually because server consolidates.

    ActiveDirectory consolidates

    ※We cannot use This product as domain controller.

    iSCSI target correspondence. We use NAS + iSCSI at the same time.

    Treat This product made network connection in the same way as local HD by iSCSI, and function and application of the OS standard are just usable. Enlargement to file server, backup of server are possible, too. It is not necessary to put near PC and server to use for network connection.

    iSCSI target correspondence

    Three selectable management methods

    "Remote desktop management" to perform via operation oo Network same as "console management" which directly connected keyboard mouse monitor and console management. And we are equipped with three management interfaces of "WebUI" operating which went by way of browser easily. Administrative activity that we mediated by the spot and operation contents including information system section is possible.

    We can make joint ownership folder into nonindicating

    We can prevent access from general user because it can prevent list of joint ownership folders from displaying when we opened NAS by Explorer.

    Authorization setting to subfolder

    On access right setting of joint ownership folder, we can set access right separately in subfolder where is lower than joint ownership folder. (there is not limit of hierarchy)

    Hardware coding

    Exclusive hardware coding engine is equipped with, and file and folder can keep important data safely without deteriorating performance.
    We cannot begin to read data by any chance even if theft includes NAS and built-in HDD. ※With coding disk, you cannot use shadow copy of shared folder, Windows Server Backup, "data folder backup" of NAS tool.

    The preparation of emergency including replication function, backup system revert facility, UPS correspondence is perfect, too! We contribute high reliability.

    As another NAS can reproduce data in available replication function (DFS-R) under ActiveDirectory environment and can save data on the cloud by cloud cooperation function and always comes by backup by data in NAS in the same period, we are reliable because minimum can control disappearance of data at the time of emergency.

    Replication fail overcoat-adaptive (DFS-R)

    As copying is performed with writing of data to main plane automatically to backup machine when we set replication, we are reliable because minimum can control disappearance of data at the time of emergency. When we affect in main plane and occur when we set fail over using DFS name space server, backup machine is replaced by main plane automatically. As there is not approximately downtime of system, system which continuously using needs is reliable.

    The replication function deployment

    ※The use of this function needs, ActiveDirectory environment.

    We leave retained data, and recovery is possible

    We leave retained data, and recovery is possible

    When trouble occurs to system part by any chance, it is equipped with function to just return only system part to state in data area at time of shipment. We can return only system to state at time of shipment with maintaining data which were saved when system part with much access is hit by trouble most. In addition, when we restore only by system, we confirm state of HDD beforehand, and it is for relief design to return to state at time of shipment only when all HDDs are in a healthy state.

    S.M.A.R.T. function

    S.M.A.R.T. functionS.M.A.R.T. is function to self-diagnose the situation of hard disk. Because accumulation operating time and current temperature of hard disk, error information which occurred so far are displayed, it is in indication to predict life of hard disk.

    UPS correspondence. At the time of restoration at the time of trouble and plural introduction

    By connecting UPS with USB cable/serial cable for communication, shut down by abnormal notice from UPS in at the time of the power failure safely and protect This product from obstacle by unexpected blackout.

    UPS correspondence

    Data restoration by backup that generation control is available for is possible

    Using Windows Server Backup, generation control is possible by backing up in USB HDD or the NAS inside. In cases that by performing generation control, have deleted, for example, important file by mistake, we can return to state before that.

    Application that both cloud and local backup can use together Important data safely backup "NetStor Backup"

    In NAS with RAID function, is necessary tosuruito not thinking about backup?
    When sudden disaster and unexpected trouble occur, we are assumed when we cannot restore data only by RAID function. NAS of ELECOM can take backup safely in standard attached backup application "NetStor Backup".

    For BCP measures backup to cloud service

    "NetStor Backup" which cooperates, and can back up NAS and cloud of ELECOM.
    Even if the NAS body breaks down, and sudden disaster occurs, cloud service that is distant place can restore early by backing up data.

    We are more reliable by combination with local backup

    Backup to cloud service is high, too; time may suffer from restoration a little to be safe, but on the other hand to use the Internet. It is combination with local backup to solve such a problem. Even if main machine breaks down by preparing NAS for backup at hand, we replace with backup machine and can reopen duties immediately.

    The function equipment that assumed use of office server most suitable for operational management

    We can acquire information by email even if we do not continuously monitor

    We notify address that we set to "it is periodical" with management screen at the time of "event occurrence" to mail address which we appointed by email.
    In this way, we can acquire information as needed even if we do not continuously monitor.
    In addition, we can customize title and header of notice email. Management in case that we introduced several NAS into becomes easy.

    • Disk zanyoryotsuchi
    • Notice of unjust power interruption outbreak
    • Announcement of RAID abnormality
    • Announcement of UPS power-failure
    • Notice of Windows system error
    • Notice of backup start, completion, error
    • Notice of coding lock unlocking error
    • Periodical notice email

    The Japanese LCD screen deployment

    From IP address and host name to error indication, front liquid crystal panel displays status. Furthermore, it became more plain as we adopted Japanese liquid crystal panel.

    The anti-theft security slot deployment

    It is equipped with security slot putting on the back of This product and attaches security goods sold separately and prevents theft of apparatus by fixing to racks.

    The front dust proofing filter deployment

    This product is equipped with dust proofing filter in full-scale cooling hole to prevent invasion of dust in the body becoming powerful enemy of long-term operation.

    Quietness improved

    We adopted large-diameter type to main cooling fan and greatly improved quietness in comparison with former model.
    We suppress outbreak of the noise while premising operation for 24 hours, and maintaining cooling performance.

    HDD for exclusive use of adoption NAS is equipped with high trust HDD

    The HDD "WD RED" for AS deployment We adopt high trust HDD for exclusive use of NAS. Furthermore, we carry out screening test in domestic factory. We offer relief in company Uses.

    Domestic production in reliability company group factory of MADE IN JAPAN

    This product produces all in Ina factory (Nagano) of Logitec INA Solutions of ELECOM group.
    In addition, we carry out various inspection and examinations for NAS product that a sense of stability and the durability are sought in the company and cooperation facilities. We keep in mind by to perform a series of works consistently in the country, send product with high trustworthy quality.

    Support thoroughly reliable the industry No. 1

    1. Homepage

    eresapo We inform of common inquiry, correspondence information, Manual on the Internet.

    2. Support dial

    Technique, consultation charges are unnecessary. It is service to be available only with telephone rates of (navigator dial) common throughout the whole country. We will cope with trouble of customer thoroughly!

    Three years guarantee of relief to prevent useless expense outbreak

    For long term, we attach guarantee by sendobakku repair by default for three years to be able to use even SOHO and company use in peace.

    ※Guarantee relates to function of product which customer purchased for three years and does not guarantee about disappearance of data stored in hard disk or damage.

    Option maintenance service available in various ways

    As well as standard sendobakku repair, we prepare for various maintenance menus with option.

    On-site maintenance>
    Delivery maintenance>
    sendobakku extension maintenance>

    As we prepare for maintenance pack until up to seven years, it is available in peace for a long term.

    NAS state management service of confirmation cloud type "sees NAS" in operation state of NAS anywhere anytime

    To see NAS?

    NAS state management service available free of charge

    It is cloud type NAS management service available free of charge on using NAS product "NSB series" made of ELECOM. As we can consolidate with PC of system administrator via the Internet without operation by Web browser being possible, and choosing the OS environment, we can reduce burden on operational management of NAS product.

    ※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

    "We see NAS", and NAS state management service reduces operational load of NAS

    Cloud-shaped NAS state management service "looks at NAS". As it is cloud type, we can confirm operation state of NAS if there are any the Internet anywhere anytime. We support restoration at the time of the prior prevention and apparatus obstacle failure. In addition, we can notice obstacle as email is sent at the time of various trigger generating which manager set by notice of email function automatically even if we conduct different affairs. If it is NAS made of ELECOM corresponding to "we see NAS", it is available free of charge.


    2 bay WSIoT2019forStorage deployment NAS2TB(NSB-7MS2T2DS9)

    It is 2 bay desktop NAS of the Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage Standard Edition deployment. Affinity is very high in Active Directory and is most suitable for use in Windows environment. It is equipped with two HDDs of 1TB and supports RAID1 (mirror). By hybrid service utilization in Azure, we offer "data custody" and "flexible system shift". In addition, we reduce administrative task in "Windows Admin Center" and "system INSIGHT" and realize effective data storage by "the NTFS overlap removal" (only as for ※ Standard Edition deployment model).

    Supported devices (the body) Windows PC, Mac ※Model which carried correspondence LAN Interface
    Correspondence OS | (the body) [Windows] Windows10, 8.1, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 (R2), Windows Storage Server 2016, 2012 (R2)
    Correspondence OS | (the body) [mac] macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS High Sierra 10.13, macOS Sierra 10.12
    Correspondence OS | (management software) [Windows] [HostExplorer] Windows10, 8.1, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 (R2), Windows Storage Server 2016, 2012 (R2)
    Correspondence OS | (management software) [mac] -
    The NAS body management method Remote desktop, console management, browser management (IE after 11)
    CPU VIA nano QuadCore 2.0GHz
    Memory 4GB
    LAN interface 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
    The number of the LAN terminals 1G (2)
    LAN terminal shape RJ45
    Correspondence protocol TCP/IP
    IP address The automatic acquisition (DHCP client connection), hand-operated connection
    File-transfer protocol SMB (1.0/2.0/2.1/3.0/3.0.2/3.1.1), NFS (v2/v3/v4), FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, iSCSI, WebDAV
    The number of the users available for the biggest registration Unlimited (theoretical value)
    The number of the greatest registration possibility groups Unlimited (theoretical value)
    USB interface USB3.0 X 2, USB 2.0 X 2
    UPS correspondence Correspondence
    Button The power button, the mute button
    HDD interface SATA 3Gb/s
    HD drive constitution HDD(1TB) *2 for exclusive use of NAS
    Correspondence RAID level RAID0/1 correspondence (at the time of factory shipment…System area, data area coRAID1)
    The effectiveness capacity (in the case of factory time of shipment RAID) About 1TB
    Hot swap Correspondence
    Hot spare Non-compliant
    Disk roaming Non-compliant
    Disk coding Correspondence
    Backup method Replication (DFS-R), NetStorBackup, WindowsServerBackup, data folder backup tool, volume shadow copy, robocopy
    Cooling fan System fan X 1, power supply fan X 1
    Power supply type Built-in power supply
    Input Voltage AC100V ±10% 50/60 Hz
    Maximum output 230W
    Power consumption 25.7W
    Dimensions (fuku X D X H) 195*264*165mm
    Weight : About 5.3 kg
    Operating environment Temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius, humidity: 5 - 85%R.H. (thing without dew condensation)
    Laws and ordinances, standard EU RoHS order conformity (10 materials), VCCI (ClassA)
    The green purchase method standard Conformity
    Energy consumption efficiency N division
    Management service ・Correspondence (cloud type NAS state management service) to look at NAS
    Attached software <we have been installed> ・NAS tool (management tool), Backup tool [NetStorBackup] [Windows Server backup]  <we give downloading> ・Management software [HostExplorer], cloud backup restoration tool (for client PC) [NetStor Restore]
    Accessories: One exclusive AC cable (3 pins: about 1.8m), LAN cable one (CATE6: 2m), AC cable fixation band one, front door key two, recovery disk (DVD Media) one piece, setup guide one piece
    Maintenance service | On-site [plural age contract standard packs] We extend for one year in ... seventh year after the [deferred many years contract pack (standard, HDD return pack share) that we do not need] second year for [HDD return-free pack] 1-7 years (EBS-LN-HN series) for 1-7 years (EBS-LN-HP series) (EBS-LN-HP series)
    Maintenance service | Delivery [plural age contract packs] We extend for one year in - seventh year in extension (EBS-LN-DS-11)/sixth year for [deferred many years contract pack] one year for 1-7 years (EBS-LN-DS series) (EBS-LN-DS-E1)
    Maintenance service | sendobakku extension [sendobakku extension maintenance service pack] Two years extension (EBS-LN-SS-02)
    Setting setting service [business trip setting service] We set setting (ESB-NAS-SS-101) /NAS apparatus explanation (ESB-NAS-SS-102) /NAS shadow copy setting (ESB-NAS-SS-103)/client shadow copy setting (ESB-NAS-SS-104)/PS of basic setting (ESB-NAS-SS-100) [option] client PC (ESB-NAS-SS-105)
    Exclusive option product | Exclusive spare drive NSB-7SD1T4C
    Exclusive option product | SFP+ module -
    Exclusive option product | LAN board -
    Exclusive option product | Memory -
    Exclusive option product | Others -
    Term of a guarantee Three years

    ※The latest correspondence information of this product is this.

    ※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.

    Each part name

    Each part name

    • (1) HD status lamp (1-2)
    • (2) The power button hall
    • (3) Liquid crystal display
    • (4) Front door
    • (5) Front door lock
    • (6) Line indicator
    • (7) LAN status lamp
    • (8) HDD status lamp
    • (9) HDD unit fixation screw
    • (10) The power button
    • (11) Func Switch
    • (12) Mute Switch
    • (13) HDD unit
    • (14) Cooling fan unit fixation screw
    • (15) COM port
    • (16) VGA port
    • (17) Anti-theft mechanism
    • (18) Power supply unit
    • (19) AC cable fixation band attachment bore
    • (20) LAN2 port
    • (21) LAN1 port
    • (22) USB 2.0 port
    • (23) USB3.0 port

    Movement inspection in FUJITSU PC server

    FUJITSU product

    • PRIMERGY TX1320 M4
      OS Windows Server 2016/Windows Server 2019

    ELECOM product

    • NetStor NSB-7MS2T2DS9
      OS Windows Server IoT2019 for Storage
    • NetStor NSB-75S4T4DS9
      OS Windows Server IoT2019 for Storage
    Switching hub

    "NetStor NSB-7MS/NSB-75S" in FUJITSU PC server "PRIMERGY TX1320 M4" series movement inspection report