High-end 2U12 bay WSS2012R2Std deployment NAS24TB

NSB-96S series NSB-96S24T12RW

12 bay 2 U rack mounting WindowsStorageServer2012R2 deployment NAS for high trust + super-high-speed data center. It is supported RAID50/60 by hardware RAID. The WDRedPro deployment that is high trust for NAS where HDD has much number of the bays.

  • The green purchase method conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
NSB-96S24T12RW 4953103472662
24TB (*12 HDD) 898,000 yen (tax-excluded)
987,800 yen (tax-included)
The end of the sale
Build-to-order manufacturing
NSB-96S36T12RW 4953103472679
36TB (*12 HDD) 998,000 yen (tax-excluded)
1,097,800 yen (tax-included)
The end of the sale
NSB-96S48T12RW 4953103472686
48TB (*12 HDD) 1,280,000 yen (tax-excluded)
1,408,000 yen (tax-included)
The end of the sale
NSB-96S18T12RWS 4953103482357
18TB (*9 HDD, SSD *3) 898,000 yen (tax-excluded)
987,800 yen (tax-included)
The end of the sale
Build-to-order manufacturing
NSB-96S27T12RWS 4953103482364
27TB (*9 HDD, SSD *3) 998,000 yen (tax-excluded)
1,097,800 yen (tax-included)
The end of the sale
  • As correspondence may be different from normal products such as deadline or price about order industrial goods, in the case of order, please refer for the details.

Features of product

WSS2012R2std deployment 4 bay RAID5 box NAS NSB-75S4CS2 series

It is lineup in WindowsNAS NSB-96S12RW/96S12RWS series HDD model, SSD+HDD model

Lineup comparison of series

It is high trust + super-high-speed high-end rack mounting model that it is most suitable for construction, expansion of datacenter. We can mount in 2 U Dimensions of rack of 19 inches.

  • WindowsNASNSB-96SRW series (HDD model)
    It is equipped with 12 HDDs and supports RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60 by hardware RAID. We become good model of balance to have both high fault tolerance and rapidity.
  • WindowsNASNSB-96SRWS series (SSD+HDD model)
    We put nine HDDs and three SSD on 12 bays and, using storage pool, realize high speed note which is wonderful by using high-speed SSD for cash of HDD and are most suitable for datacenter that high-speed processing is demanded from.
HDD model SSD+HDD model
Series/model number
HDD number 12 Nine
SSD number 0 Three
RAID level RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 Storage pool
(parity, dual parity
Mirror, 3 direction mirror)
The most suitable use Uses
  • ・It is for recording of Network camera
  • ・Backup of PC and NAS
Product for sequential access
  • ・Memory (i-SCSI connection) of database
  • ・Work data in normal business routine are frequent
    Data access (file server Uses)
※Product for random access

Comparison between HDD model and other brands (sequential read/write)

[the measurement PC]
CPU: Core i7-4790K (4.00GHz), memory: 16GB, NIC: Intel X520-DA2, the OS: Windows7 HomePremium 64bit SP1

[method for measurement] (the April, 2016 we investigation)
We connect NAS and PC which constituted RAID6 to LAN and measure sequential lead & right in benchmark software (CrystalDiskMark3.03)
The measurement by 10GigabitLAN (Intel X520-DA2) enlargement constitution

Comparison between SSD deployment model and HDD model (random read/write 4K QD32)

[method for measurement] (the April, 2016 we investigation)
We carry out benchmark software (CrystalDiskMark3.03) with remote desktop screen of NAS and measure random lead & light 4K QD32
NSB-96SRWS: 3 direction mirror, NSB-96SRW: RAID6
The measurement by 10GigabitLAN (Intel X520-DA2) enlargement constitution

HDD adopts WD Red™Pro of the NASWare™3.0 deployment

HDD of This product turns average on a large scale and adopts product made in Western Digital company Red™Pro which is most suitable for up to 16 bay-adaptive NAS environment.
RedPro™ made in Western Digital company carries NASWare™3.0. Improvement of further reliability by revision real-time by vibration that outside vibration restraint function is strengthened and receives from HDD.

It is lineup in SSD providing more comfortable storage environment-based model

SSD deployment model () adopts product made in Hagiwara Solutions Corporation SSD to boast of much OEM supply results to as SSD manufacturer for embedded apparatuses.
※Only as for SSD deployment model NSB-96SRWS series

The WSS2012R2 Standard Edition deployment most suitable for large-scale office datacenter

WindowsStorageServer preinstallation

This product carries "Windows®StorageServer2012 R2" based on product made in Microsoft Corporation latest server OS, WindowsServer2012 R2.

50 Standard Edition deployment concurrent connection, high-performance model who realizes large-capacity data access

Simultaneous access is possible from 50 PC. Assumption number of people is with 300 people and is Specifications suitable for large-scale office and datacenter. The number of the users who can register is unlimited theoretically. As client access license does not need (CAL), in the case of this model, user enrollment becomes saying "it is unlimited", and introduction cost is held down in the large scale network. When the number of the total users accessing NAS exceeds 50, please purchase NAS of this Standard Edition deployment.

High affinity with Windows client. It supports native in Active Directory.

Affinity with network environment of Windows is very high and realizes operability that is the same as Windows client. As we make native correspondence in ActiveDirectory, it supports uniform management of Windows user, and manager load reduction is possible.

Installation of correspondence application is possible

Installation of application of the companies for WindowsStorageServer is possible. You install application necessary for storage management and, including virus measures software and backup software, UPS management software, can use.

(※) correspondence by RAID with hardware by speedup to realization (only as for ※ HDD model) RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60

If it is HDD model, a variety of constitution by RAID is feasible!

HDD (12 bays) model supports RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60 with (), hardware. We can put drive together to fault tolerance, Uses including rapidity.
※Supported product: HDD (12 bays) model model number

Cache uses built-in (only as for ※ SSD deployment model) SSD with HDD in nine and SSD three, fast access

We use SSD for cash in storage pool (interactive mirror, 3 direction mirror)

SSD deployment model () can build storage environment that put high-speed "SSD" and characteristic of large-capacity "HDD" together.
※Only as for SSD deployment model NSB-96SRWS series

If it is SSD+HDD model, we can draw the latest function of WindowsServer to the maximum!

  • Hierarchization storage function
    As for the data (hot data) accessed frequently, as for the data (cold data) with a little access frequency, effective disk utilization is possible "SSD" by storing away file to "HDD".
  • Writeback cache function
    We can use some domains (1GB) of SSD for cash for random note data of small Dimensions with precedence.

Safe convenient user/access/data management safely controllable as for Active Directory-adaptive large-scale access relief

In correspondence with Active Directory, large-scale user group access control is possible.

As WindowsStorageServerOS is carried in This product, participation in ActiveDirectory is possible for native. It is not necessary for management of user to set in This product by ActiveDirectory correspondence individually because server consolidates.

ActiveDirectory consolidates

※We cannot use This product as domain controller.

iSCSI target correspondence. We use NAS + iSCSI at the same time.

Treat This product made network connection in the same way as local HD by iSCSI, and function and application of the OS standard are just usable. Enlargement to file server, backup of server are possible, too. It is not necessary to put near PC and server to use for network connection.

Schedule power on/off

Two selectable management methods

"Remote desktop management" to perform via operation oo Network same as "console management" which directly connected keyboard mouse monitor and console management. Administrative activity that we mediated by the spot and operation contents including information system section is possible.

We can make joint ownership folder into nonindicating

We can prevent access from general user because it can prevent list of joint ownership folders from displaying when we opened NAS by Explorer.

Authorization setting to subfolder

On access right setting of joint ownership folder, we can set access right separately in subfolder where is lower than joint ownership folder. (there is not limit of hierarchy)

Hardware coding

Exclusive hardware coding engine is equipped with and can keep important data safely. We cannot begin to read data by any chance even if theft includes NAS and built-in HDD.

The function equipment that assumed use of data - center most suitable for operational management

Slide rail for rack installation of 19 inches is attached

Slide rail kit for rack mounting is attached in This product as standard equipment.
We facilitate disassembly from back connector and rack for at the time of maintenance.
As for the rack corresponding to attached rail kit, D becomes EIA standard 19 type rack of 61.0cm - 92.1cm.

We can acquire information by email even if we do not continuously monitor

We notify address that we set to "it is periodical" with management screen at the time of "event occurrence" to mail address which we appointed by email.
In this way, we can acquire information as needed even if we do not continuously monitor.
In addition, we can customize title and header of notice email. Management in case that we introduced several NAS into becomes easy.

  • Disk zanyoryotsuchi
  • Notice of unjust power interruption outbreak
  • Announcement of disk abnormality
  • Notice of temperature abnormality
  • Notice of Windows system error
  • Notice of backup start, completion, error
  • Periodical notice email

Schedule power on/off function

It is equipped with power on/off function in schedule that can switch on/off power supply in time of day which we set. We can evade power saving and unauthorized access by automatically turning off power supply on duties overtime or holiday. It is configurable individually at the time of power-on/power off every day.

Schedule power on/off

The NAS call function deployment

When administer several NAS in a mass, "which NAS was for which department??" Has it not been had trouble "where did you install in?" to look for target NAS? We carry out management screen eggplant call in such a case. Because beep sounded from the target NAS body, where did you put? Which NAS was it? We can distinguish this instantly.
※We carry out from HostExplorer (software searching NAS in Network from client PC).

ridandanto power supply correspondence

It is equipped with two high trust power supply unit, and redundancy realizes becoming. We pursue stable operation thoroughly. We are already usually supplied all from one when we supply from both units uniformly and are not supplied from one.

The UID lamp deployment

It is equipped with UID(UnitID lamp) which is useful for work under the rack environment where plural servers and Network apparatuses are gathered on box body Front and the back. We can easily recognize NAS for work visually by letting UID lamp (we equip the anterior surface of box body and the back) turn on.

The preparation of emergency including replication function, backup, NIC chimingu, UPS correspondence is perfect, too! We contribute high reliability.

It supports replication fail over

Another NAS can reproduce data in available replication function (DFS-R) under ActiveDirectory environment and always comes by backup by data in NAS in the same period. As copying is performed with writing of data to main plane automatically to backup machine when we set replication, we are reliable because minimum can control disappearance of data at the time of emergency. When we affect in main plane and occur when we set fail over using DFS name space server, backup machine is replaced by main plane automatically. As there is not approximately downtime of system, system which continuously using needs is reliable.

The replication function deployment

It is usable for server backup

We can appoint from various backup software as destination because backup for PC is soft and corresponds to backup software for server. Backup of Mac is possible because it supports TimeMachine.

The replication function deployment

It supports NIC chimingu function. Even cable cutting of emergency improves reliability of communication

4 ports are equipped with Giga-bit LAN terminal. We become redundancy using plural LAN cables and cope with high-speed transfer. Even cable cutting of emergency improves reliability of communication by being able to secure connection. In addition, by making load distribution, plural paths can reinforce band.

UPS correspondence. At the time of restoration at the time of trouble and plural introduction

By connecting UPS in USB Cave for communication, shut down by abnormal notice from UPS in at the time of the power failure safely and protect This product from obstacle by unexpected blackout.

UPS correspondence

Hot swap correspondence. Exchange of disk is possible with switching on

Locking mechanism is put on each drive unit and prevents from taking out HDD unit by mistake. Exchange of HDD is possible without stopping system at the time of RAID disorder development. ※Pictorial image is HDD model (NSB-96S24T12RW).

Data restoration by backup that generation control is available for is possible

Using Windows Server Backup, generation control is possible by backing up in USB HDD or the NAS inside. In cases that by performing generation control, have deleted, for example, important file by mistake, we can return to state before that.


2 University support thoroughly reliable the industry No. 1

1. Homepage

eresapo We inform of common inquiry, correspondence information, Manual on the Internet.

2. Support dial

Technique, consultation charges are unnecessary. It is service to be available only with (navigator dial) common throughout the whole country. We will cope with trouble of customer thoroughly!

Three years guarantee of relief to prevent useless expense outbreak

For long term, we attach guarantee by sendobakku repair by default for three years to be able to use even SOHO and company use in peace.

※Guarantee relates to function of product which customer purchased for three years and does not guarantee about disappearance of data stored in hard disk or damage.

Option maintenance service available in various ways

As well as standard sendobakku repair, we prepare for various maintenance menus with option.

On-site maintenance>
Delivery maintenance>
sendobakku extension maintenance>

As we prepare for maintenance pack until up to five years, it is available in peace for a long term.

NAS state management service of confirmation cloud type "sees NAS" in operation state of NAS anywhere anytime

To see NAS?

NAS state management service available free of charge

It is cloud type NAS management service available free of charge on using NAS product "NSB series" made of ELECOM. As we can consolidate with PC of system administrator via the Internet without operation by Web browser being possible, and choosing the OS environment, we can reduce burden on operational management of NAS product.

※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

"We see NAS", and NAS state management service reduces operational load of NAS

Cloud-shaped NAS state management service "looks at NAS". As it is cloud type, we can confirm operation state of NAS if there are any the Internet anywhere anytime. We support restoration at the time of the prior prevention and apparatus obstacle failure. In addition, we can notice obstacle as email is sent at the time of various trigger generating which manager set by notice of email function automatically even if we conduct different affairs. If it is NAS made of ELECOM corresponding to "we see NAS", it is available free of charge.

NSB-96S12RW series has restrictions for some functions of "we see NAS". For more details, please confirm this.


Product NSB-96S12RW series/NSB-96S12RWS series
CPU Haswell Core i3 Dual Core 3.5GHz
Memory 8GB
OS Windows Storage Server 2012R2 Standard Edition
System maintainability Drive configuration that is different from data disk physically
LAN port 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Network protocol TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6)
File Sharing protocol SMB/http/https/ftp/nfs
Can register; the number of the users Having no restrictions
Can register; the number of the groups Having no restrictions
Can register; the number of the shared folders Having no restrictions
Drive constitution
NSB-96S12RW series
NSB-96S24T12RW : 24TB (2TB HDDx12 stand)
NSB-96S36T12RW : 36TB (3TB HDDx12 stand)
NSB-96S48T12RW : 48TB (4TB HDDx12 stand)
NSB-96S12RWS series
NSB-96S18T12RWS : 18TB (*9 2TB HDD, 60GB SSD *3)
NSB-96S27T12RWS : 27TB (*9 3TB HDD, 60GB SSD *3)
Data area capacity
(time of shipment default)
NSB-96S12RW series
NSB-96S24T12RW : About 20,000GB
NSB-96S36T12RW : About 30,000GB
NSB-96S48T12RW : About 40,000GB
NSB-96S12RWS series
NSB-96S18T12RWS : About 6,000GB
NSB-96S27T12RWS : About 9,000GB
Correspondence RAID level
NSB-96S12RW series
NSB-96S12RWS series
Storage pool (parity, dual parity, mirror, 3 direction mirror)
Disk coding function Correspondence
Backup Replication (DFS-R)
WindowsServer backup
The volume shadow copy
Management function Console management, remote desktop
USB3.0 port Mounted with 2 ports (for backup unit connection)
USB 2.0 port (for UPS, console connection) front 2 port, the back 2 port deployment
In operation, environmental temperature Temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius, humidity: 0 - 80%R.H. (thing without dew condensation)
Input Voltage AC100V ±10%
Power consumption (maximum)
NSB-96S12RW series
NSB-96S24T12RW : About 186.3W
NSB-96S36T12RW : About 198.7W
NSB-96S48T12RW : About 214.2W
NSB-96S12RWS series
NSB-96S18T12RWS : About 162.2W
NSB-96S27T12RWS : About 198.7W
Power consumption (rating)
NSB-96S12RW series
NSB-96S24T12RW : About 186.3W
NSB-96S36T12RW : About 198.7W
NSB-96S48T12RW : About 214.2W
NSB-96S12RWS series
NSB-96S18T12RWS : About 162.2W
NSB-96S27T12RWS : About 198.7W
Calorific value
NSB-96S12RW series
NSB-96S24T12RW : About 670kJ/h
NSB-96S36T12RW : About 716kJ/h
NSB-96S48T12RW : About 770kJ/h
NSB-96S12RWS series
NSB-96S18T12RWS : About 583kJ/h
NSB-96S27T12RWS : About 622kJ/h
Energy consumption efficiency
NSB-96S12RW series
NSB-96S24T12RW : Division N, about 0.0077
NSB-96S36T12RW : Division N, about 0.0055
NSB-96S48T12RW : Division N, about 0.0044
NSB-96S12RWS series
NSB-96S18T12RWS : Division N, about 0.0089
NSB-96S27T12RWS : Division N, about 0.0073
Dimensions (fuku X H X D) fuku 482 X depth 761 X H 88 (except protrusion)
Weight :
NSB-96S12RW series
NSB-96S24T12RW : About 25 kg (HDD is excluded)
NSB-96S36T12RW : About 25 kg (HDD is excluded)
NSB-96S48T12RW : About 25 kg (HDD is excluded)
NSB-96S12RWS series
NSB-96S18T12RWS : About 25 kg (HDD is excluded)
NSB-96S27T12RWS : About 25 kg (HDD is excluded)
Setting direction Stability
Setting method 19 type rack mounting setting
Cooling fan Housing fan X 3 (the inside)
Power supply fan X 2 (in each power supply unit 1)
The front part of unit equipment Power switch x1
Power supply LED x1
UID Switch x1
Status LED x1
USB 2.0 port x2
The unit back equipment LAN port (RJ45)x4
VGA port (mini-Dsub15 pin) x1
USB3.0 port x2
USB 2.0 port x2
Power supply connector (tripolar with ground) x2
UID Switch (with LED) x1
Term of a guarantee Three years

※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.

Each part name

Each part name

  • ①Line indicator
  • ②The power button
  • ③LAN 1 lamp
  • ④LAN 2 lamp
  • ⑤LAN 3 lamp
  • ⑥LAN 4 lamp
  • ⑦Error lamp
  • ⑧UID button
  • ⑨UID lamp
  • ⑩HDD status lamp
  • ⑪HDD Access light
  • ⑫USB 2.0 port
  • ⑬Power supply unit
  • ⑭PS/2 port (we do not use)
  • ⑮USB 2.0 port
  • ⑯BMC port (we do not use)
  • ⑰VGA port
  • ⑱Serial port (we do not use)
  • ⑲USB3.0 port
  • ⑳UID button
  • (21) LAN port 1
  • (22) LAN port 2
  • (23) LAN port 3
  • (24) LAN port 4

The correspondence OS (PC)

  • ※Please refer to label of product package Front pasting up for the latest OS.
  • ※After Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 SP2
  • ※After Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 SP2
  • ※After Windows7 SP1
  • ※After Windows Vista SP2
  • ※After Windows XP SP3
  • ※In addition, the correspondence situation of (software, UPS, HDD), please identify correspondence table page.

Supported Devices:

  • DOS/V (OAOG Specifications)
  • Apple Mac series
    ※Model which carried correspondence LAN Interface
  • Various printer


Movement inspection in FUJITSU PC server

FUJITSU product

  • PRIMERGY RX1330 M2
    OS Windows Server 2012R2
  • PRIMERGY RX2540 M2
    OS Windows Server 2012R2

ELECOM product

  • DataStor NSB-96S18T12RWS
    OS Windows Storage Server 2012R2
  • DataStor NSB-96S48T12RW
    OS Windows Storage Server 2012R2
Switching hub

"DataStor" in FUJITSU PC server "PRIMERGY RX1330 M2/RX2540 M2" series movement inspection

Product structure (Contents)

  • ●Two AC power cable (about 1.8m)
  • ●LAN cable about 1.5m1 book
  • ●CD-ROM for setting
  • ●Please read before use; one piece
  • ●One piece of setup guide (connection)
  • ●Rail kit for rack installation