Slip in porch for smartphone

P-01SNC series P-01SNCBK

Cushion-related high stretch material just holds smartphone softly! Porch for smartphone of slip in type which it is easy to put in and out.


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    P-01SNCBK 4953103701335
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      Features of product

          ● General-purpose porch which protects smartphone from shock

          Using cushion-related high stretch material, it is general-purpose porch protecting smartphone from shock softly.

          ● Slip in type which we are easy to put in and out

          It is slip in type which is easy to put the body in and out. We adopt shape shape to hold smartphone well.

          ● We use raising material that is hard to be able to be stained

          The porch inside uses raising material that is hard to be able to be stained in the body. It is two-tone design to be able to enjoy coloring.
          < Black >
          <Deep Blue>
          <light blue>
          <deep pink>
          <light pink>
          < Red >


          Dimensions: About 93mm in width X 11mm in depth X 154mm in height
          Reference Storage Dimension: About 62mm in width X 12mm in depth X 127mm in height
          Weight About 30 g
          Materials: Case dress material: Polyester, lining: Polyester
          Color: < Black >

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          • Android summer of 2019 model supported product
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