In-vehicle double drink holder

P-CARDH02 series P-CARDH02BK

We build more drink holders to two! In-vehicle double drink holder which we can install to interior.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    P-CARDH02BK 4953103497092
    < Black > Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          We build more drink holders to two

          It is double drink holder that two can build more drink holders of interior.

          We install to interior shape

          We install to interior shape

          As we slide and can turn, we can install holder part to interior shape of car.

          Various drink Dimensions correspondence

          Various drink Dimensions

          It supports various drink Dimensions (thin can, large can, 500 ml of plastic bottles).
          It is equipped with flap parts which even small thin can of Dimensions can hold well.

          It is cushion sheet in bottom

          It is cushion sheet in bottom

          Cushion sheet suppressing vibration sound such as cans at the bottom of the holder part is on.

          We can fix well

          We can fix well

          Hold parts can coordinate Dimensions in conformity to drink holder of interior and can fix well.
          Cushion sheet to fix hold parts more surely is attached.

          Attachment means (extended image opens when we click)

          Setting method


          Maximum Dimensions fuku 170 X depth 82 X 130mm in height
          Weight 210 g
          Accessories: Cushion sheet X 4
          Correspondence Plastic bottle (there are some exceptions) to 500 ml of thin can large cans
          Materials: PC/ABS/EVA/iron
          Color: < Black >
          Others It is attached to drink holder shipped with for interior
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