In-vehicle magnet holder (double-stick tape) for smartphone

P-CARS07 series P-CARS07BK

Magnet type that can easily attach and detach smartphone. Magnet holder which can hold smartphone by car by double-stick tape type to be able to stick holder on the inside of car well.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    P-CARS07BK 4549550122269
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    P-CARS07SV 4549550122276
    〈 Silver 〉 Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          We hold smartphone by car! Magnet holder which can easily desorb

          We install smartphone in the inside of car and are vehicle installation magnet holder for smartphone which there be easily and finishes excluding.

          Adhesive tape which we can stick well

          Pasting up side is soft and is double-stick tape type that we can stick holder on well.

          We hold in magnet easily

          It is equipped with neodymium magnet inside, and mounting or dismounting is possible in smartphone with one hand holder.

          Finger ring attachment

          We adopt special structure to control degree of leaning by self-respect of smartphone, and finger ring of design that we optimized is attached to magnet holder. Finger ring is useful for prevention of fall of smartphone by putting finger through ring at the time of normal use.

          In either landscape or portrait view!

          Smartphone is length holder, but even width holder is placeable at will.

          Ball joint

          We adopt ball joint which we can angle adjusted at will and can adjust smartphone to angle that it is easy to see.

          Alcohol pad attachment

          At the time of setting of holder and installation of finger ring, convenient alcohol pad is attached to wipe off dirt.

          How to use

          1. We wipe off setting side of magnet holder and dirt of the smartphone back with alcohol pad attached to This product.
          2. We remove Film of double-stick tape and we thrust and put on setting place and fix. ※You touch double-stick tape surface, and please do not put dust.
          3. We remove Film of finger ring and stick on your smartphone.
          4. It pays by magnetic force when we bring finger ring close to magnet holder. Please separate hand after having confirmed fixed thing well.

          About mounting location is careful

          Please attach not to disturb front view within the chart below by "preservation standard of road haulage vehicle" that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism establishes. Front view standard (extract)

          Target car model

          1. Car (the crew capacity ten following) to offer exclusively for one of passenger use
          2. Car to offer for one of transportation of transportation of freight with vehicle gross weight 3.5 tons or less

          Standard summary

          1. (1) Requirements
            1. What do not use mirrors, and can recognize 1m in height in front 2m of car, column (thing in imitation of 6 years old child) of 0.3m in diameter visually directly.
          2. (2) Excluded
            1. Blind spot where it is constant size with copying mirror or less after A pillar (among sashes thing in the vehicle forefront) and the room outside
            2. Part which becomes blind spot by wiper, steering wheel

          ※Figure is example of right-hand-drive car. In the case of left-hand drive, it becomes other way around.


          Maximum Dimensions fuku 36 X depth 36 X 34mm in height (by development method)
          Weight About 36 g
          Accessories: Finger ring X 1 alcohol pad X 1
          Supported devices: Weight: About 250 g or less
          Materials: Heat-resistant ABS/Silicone/iron /PU/TPU
          Color: < Black >
          Others Double-stick tape pasting
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.