In-vehicle one-touch holder (powerful gel sucker) for smartphone


We hold smartphone in one-touch easily! In-vehicle holder of gel sucker type usable repeatedly that we can install at an angle of preference.


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      Features of product

          In-vehicle holder of gel sucker type that can set up smartphone in the inside of car

          It is in-vehicle holder of gel sucker type that can set up smartphone in the inside of car.

          Powerful gel sucker

          It is strong gel sucker type that can absorb and fix holder well if it is shallower wrinkle.

          ※When adsorption power of sucker weakens, adsorption power is restored by washing in water.

          One-touch type that we can easily put on and take off

          We can attach by pushing smartphone to one-touch button and can remove smartphone by pushing cancellation bar.

          In either landscape or portrait view!

          As we adopt ball joint, we adjust to 360-degree turn and free angle and can fix.

          We can store foot parts

          Foot parts that smartphone is supported well are packable.

          Setting assistance starting performing before the curtain rises to assist sucker setting

          There is setting assistance board that wrinkle assists sucker setting to deeper dashboards.

          Supported smartphones

          We can install smartphone to 54mm - 87mm in width.

          Each part name

          Explanation of cancellation bar

          Arm opens by pushing cancellation bar and can take out smartphone.

          How to use

          We insert the body to ball joint part of base and tighten with loincloth parts.

          We remove dirt of setting side and remove Film of powerful gel sucker and push down fixation lever like figure after thrusting sucker, and putting on setting place.

          Arm opens when we push cancellation bar, and one-touch button stands out. Arm automatically closes when we push smartphone to one-touch button which stood out.

          When we remove smartphone, arm opens by pushing cancellation bar again.

          About mounting location is careful

          Please attach not to disturb front view within the chart below by "preservation standard of road haulage vehicle" that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism establishes. Front view standard (extract)

          Target car model

          1. Car (the crew capacity ten following) to offer exclusively for one of passenger use
          2. Car to offer for one of transportation of transportation of freight with vehicle gross weight 3.5 tons or less

          Standard summary

          1. (1) Requirements
            1. What do not use mirrors, and can recognize 1m in height in front 2m of car, column (thing in imitation of 6 years old child) of 0.3m in diameter visually directly.
          2. (2) Excluded
            1. Blind spot where it is constant size with copying mirror or less after A pillar (among sashes thing in the vehicle forefront) and the room outside
            2. Part which becomes blind spot by wiper, steering wheel

          ※Figure is example of right-hand-drive car. In the case of left-hand drive, it becomes other way around.


          Maximum Dimensions fuku 106 X depth 141 X 110mm in height (by development method)
          Weight About 123 g
          Accessories: Rubber foot X 2 setting assistance board X 1
          Supported devices: W About 54mm - 87mm thickness: About 20mm or less weight: About 250 g or less 
          Materials: Heat-resistant ABS/Silicone/iron /PU/TPU
          Color: < Black >
          Others Gel sucker installation
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