Gaming finger cap for smartphone/tablet


If put; addicting superior operability. Gaming finger cap for smartphone/tablet which we can play by fluent operation comfortably for a long time without minding hand sweat.


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    P-GMFF01GE 4549550131513
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      Features of product

          We play a game comfortably and play for a long time

          We attach to thumb and are gaming finger cap for smartphone that there is game play comfortably for a long time without minding hand sweat

          High density-conducting fiber

          Using high density-conducting fiber, it is operable smoothly.

          It is available comfortably even for a long time

          We adopt cloth with high flexibility and are available comfortably even for a long time.

          Entering six

          It is with six which are convenient for exchange.

          Cross is with the laundry

          Cleaning cross which is most suitable for care for LCD screen is attached.


          Type Finger cap
          Set contents Six pieces of sets
          Button method We attach to finger
          Click sound Static sound
          Supported Devices Dimensions No object
          Correspondence screen size No object
          Materials: Polyester, conductive fiber
          Color: Gray
          Dimensions (Weight) About W25xH45xD2mm (one piece of 0.5 g)
          Accessories: Cleaning cloth

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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