With multi-Silicone bumper /L-XL Dimensions/thin ring


We prevent fall with ultrathin smartphone ring! Silicone bumper which fits any smartphone.


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    P-SBSTRSL03BK 4549550158961
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    P-SBSTRSL03CR 4549550158978
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    P-SBSTRSL03RD 4549550158985
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      Features of product

          Silicone bumper which fits any smartphone

          It is Silicone bumper fitting any smartphone.

          We use Silicone material with high elasticity

          We use Silicone material with high elasticity.

          Operation is possible while protecting lateral button

          Operation is possible while protecting lateral button.

          ※In design of This product, it may become hard to see lateral button by the apparatus body.

          Supported smartphones

          It is L - XL Dimensions which we can usually attach to smartphone of large Dimensions from Dimensions.

          With smartphone ring

          Smartphone to collar of Silicone bumper is belonging to ring. Smartphone ring can stick to the back and prevents fall.

          It is hard to wobble even if we up smartphone ring

          It is Silicone bumper of exclusive design that is hard to be shaky even if we up smartphone ring.

          Ultrathin design of thinnest part about 2.5mm

          Smartphone ring is ultrathin design of thinnest part about 2.5mm.

          ※Design level (we do not include the adhesion sheet)

          We can adjust to angle that it is easy to have

          Ring turns to way of holding, and smartphone ring is adjustable to angle that it is easy to have.

          The stands function

          Smartphone ring has the convenient stands function that ring part becomes the stands at the time of the video seeing and hearing.

          During use, we are prevented from coming off by smartphone

          Smartphone ring prevents that we come off smartphone during use by adsorption sheet that cleared our examination.

          • ※When connection of cable, camera function or fingerprint sensor function use other functions, we may not use with putting on bumper.


          Supported devices: Reference Storage Dimension: About 70-81mm in width X 12mm in depth X 143.5-164mm in height
          Set contents Silicone bumper X 1, smartphone ring X 1, adsorption reinforcement Film X 1, double-stick tape X 2 for exchange
          Materials: [bumper]: Silicone [ring]: Zinc alloy (pasting up side: Acrylic adhesive)
          Color: < Black >
          Length [ring] storing: About 30mm in width X 3mm in depth X 30mm in height (we include ring department) pasting up side: About 20mm in width X 20mm in height
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
          • Smartphone compatibility table
          • Android summer of 2019 model supported product
          • iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro MAX-adaptive accessories
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