Krips trap/70cm for smartphone

P-STCP70 series P-STCP70BK

We adopt reinforcement spiral that realized the high durability. Krips trap which can easily attach and detach clip in one-touch.


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    P-STCP70BK 4953103488793
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      Features of product

          Krips trap which prevents fall of smartphone

          It is Krips trap which attaches to pocket of pants, and prevents fall of smartphone.

          • P-STCP70BK
            < Black >

          • P-STCP70CR

          Plastic clip adoption that we can easily put on and take off

          We easily adopt easy clip which is available for attachment and detachment of clip. As we do not use metal parts, it is hard to injure smartphone and is reliable.

          High durable reinforcement spiral adoption

          We adopt reinforcement spiral that realized the high durability without power of spring weakening.

          We grow to up to 70cm and are most suitable for Pick up and terminate calls

          The length of the strap is about 24cm. As we grow to up to 70cm, it is most suitable for Pick up and terminate calls from pocket of pants. Withstand load is to 200 g. ※Please do not use across withstand load.

          Made in Japan of relief

          It is Made in Japan of relief.


          Length Full length: Length of the about 235mm (we include pine leaf part) strap (maximum) about 700mm
          Materials: The strap body: Polyurethane, nylon/clip part: Polycarbonate, polyacetal
          Color: < Black >
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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